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3 stupid questions we all faced once in our life (Life experiences)

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1 month ago

So I've decided to share my life experiences with you. Not only me may be you all have faced this kind of situations in your life at least once.

I can bet on this and I'm full confident that your relatives asked this kind of stupid questions once at least.So what kind of life experiences I'm going to share with you?

Maybe you've guessed it already, here in my article I'll be sharing some stupid questions I've faced from relatives even close friends.

I've made a list of questions our relatives ask whenever they called or they visit someone else's home.This are the most common embarrassing questions and sometimes we feel like we don't have any answers.

Well it's true anyone shouldn't be asking these kind of questions to anybody.Personally I feel very embarrassed in front of them and I don't know how to answer those stupid questions.So if you also face these kind of questions, you can follow my strategies to answer those.

  • First question they ask without any reason when will you getting married?Also sometimes they ask forcefully why aren't you getting married?

Seriously man? Can you really ask someone why aren't you getting married? No you can't.

Marriage is something like more personal matter and nobody can't really force you to get married.Besides marriage is not just an ordinary birthday party.

Marriage is,we can say a strong bond between two persons which is socially, in family and culturally accepted.

You are marrying means you are taking a full responsibility of another person and vice versa. Means husband is taking all the responsibility of his wife and the wife takes every responsibility of her husband.

Taking responsibility of someone is not like having a birthday party and this is the thing most of our relatives don't try to understand.

I think people should only marry when they will be able to take every responsibility of both husband and wife.

If you are mature enough to take the responsibility of everything from economical to the love than why not?

This is totally nonsense forcing someone to marry when someone is not mature enough to. So when I face this kind of questions firstly I try to ignore them by saying hmm...hum...amm!

Ignoring can be the best strategy,do something or try to change the topic somehow.If they really insist you than say directly you'll marry when you'll be mature enough.

If someone is married than relatives find another stupid question to ask.

  • If you are married you already have heard it from someone.This question is why aren't you (married couples) taking babies?

Seriously!Seriously!Can you really tell someone to take babies or not? Isn't it there personal matter?Just imagine when you ask someone these kind of questions what he or she feels?

Why people just say anything they like without even thinking for a second time?I don't know what's wrong with these peoples who ask these kind of personal questions face to face.

So if you are married couple and have already faced this than again I'll suggest you to ignore the question and try to move forward to another topic as soon as possible.

If I were a married man and faced this question than I would replied by saying who'll take care the babies you or my wife?

And if you are those persons who loves to question people why aren't they take babies than please don't ask someone these kind of personal questions.

We all have personal life and we don't want someone is interfering with our personal matters. So please don't ask someone these kind of questions to anyone at anytime.

  • Another question they ask which is very nonsense is asking someone's salary directly. More painful questions like did you get any job or how much they pay you or why your salary is low or I earn more money than you why aren't you earning little?

If you are old enough, you may have probably heard this question already. I'm old enough to do a job and I've already heard this many already. I don't know why salary matters the most to everyone.

You'll see people don't really ask someone are they passing their life good or bad. They wants to know the salary mainly ,seems like salary is the parameter of happiness.

No only a big amount of salary can't make someone happy or keep someone happy forever.

Because if you aren't fully satisfied with your life than no matter how much money you have in your pocket you'll still be depressed.

And if your salary is low in comparison with others,than facing these kind of questions is also double embarrassing.

I've faced it many times and I know how it feels having a low salary per month. People don't want to whether you are happy or not rather they just want to calculate your salary.

If you face this kind of embarrassment just reply nicely saying I'm fully satisfied with whatever I earn and try to ignore them.

Here I've discussed some too much personal questions our relatives, friends ,even sometimes close friends ask without any hesitation.

I've also said how to avoid these kind of personal questions. I faced, you faced a lot people already faced so don't make yourself feel bad just ignore those.

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Written by   99
1 month ago
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Godbless you Sir😇 Your article is so great I hope i could make myself some Article like this Sorry for my English

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2 weeks ago

Thank you for sharing your story. It inspires me. It brings learning to me. Congrats.

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1 month ago

These are very unpleasant questions. It's a direct interference in someone's life ... a private matter!

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1 month ago