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3 years ago

Ashfaq Ahmed had said, a nation that cannot stand on the signal for two minutes, what will the dust stand on its feet.

Now you decide for yourself, who among us has never had the privilege of breaking the signal in life? Now who will bring this change? All of us or our rulers?

We always tease our politicians that they only talk, not work, tell the truth, what do we do ourselves?

We live in a country where bribing a school peon for admission in a school is a good thing. Do you think that we have abolished this custom or politicians? Everything is done by the people, from adulteration of food and drink, to sale of poison, then change should come and who should bring it.

Don't forget, our religion has also taught us that as the people will be, the rulers will be allowed to impose super.

  • From today onwards, do not raise the slogan of change but bring change because we can all bring change.

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3 years ago