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No Spamming. Newbies Take Note!👇

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4 months ago

I know that we on Read.Cash have had times when we fought against spamming posts and comments and the Read.Cash community (you and I) was victorious at that time. 

The question now is, what has happened to the decorum and orderliness on the platform? 

Now, we can see like upvote farmers Almost on every post, giving generic comments such as this post is informative. I like your zeal... Etc.. My friend, if I see this on any post, I will gladly downvote and report same.

For your own interest if you can't read the entire post just upvote and pass by. 

Here are a few links that can help newbies and even some old members get along more easily while working on Read.Cash. 

How to withdraw from Read.Cash 👇👇👇

Read this article

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