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Not A Rejection But A Redirection

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2 months ago

Do you know the feeling of being dismissed by your loved ones? How about you spent a whole week finishing that proposal but your professor did not accept it? Trust me when I say I know how it hurts, but you gotta need to hold on more. Why? Read until the last word for you to know.

Every time we do something, we tend to put everything to make it the best. So the outcome will be something we can be proud of. We consume a lot of time from deep thinking up to the designs and styles. We spend a lot of money on materials and other stuff. We give our hearts. That is why we feel devastated if the thing we did will be rejected in the end. It hurts so much because we gave everything we can but it seems still not enough.

Thoughts like, "Is there something wrong about me?" or "what could still be missing?" will start to arise. Doubts and confusion will knock on our doors even if we don't want to entertain them, they will not just leave us behind. Not that quick.

We will also start to ask questions. Why it has to be me? Why does it happen? Why? The never-ending why? But frankly speaking, we already know the answer. It is just we are too blinded by so many things around us. Things that are keeping us distracted and be away from the truth.

"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

-Jeremiah 29:11

May we always remember that our plan is just a piece of what He has prepared for all of us. We just need to give our faith and trust to Him. For He is the only one who knows what will happen next.

Let those missed opportunities be a great start for us to be better. Let us try to seek the blessings behind those rejections. Look on the brighter side of each situation and as the saying goes, when a door closes, windows of opportunities will open. Always remember that its real purpose is to redirect all of us, no more, no less.

You may not realize it yet, but if you will look back, you will see that your mistakes in the past made you a better person now. Your failed relationships led you to find your one great love today. You did not get that promotion because you are destined to be the boss of your own company. You cried a river of tears before in replacement of your happy ending today.

Do you see it now? These rejections you experienced did not happen just to make you miserable (as what you thought) but to make you even stronger and more resilient. You needed to go through the darkest road and experience to be lost, sometimes, not because He did not listen and does not wanted to grant what you prayed for but because He prepared a better future. A future that is just waiting for the right time, right chances so you can be inside it.

But you also have to keep in mind that seeing your so-called rejections into redirection does not happen overnight. It is not like a magic act that will just vanished after you said the magic words, Abracadabra! It will take time. You need patience. Hold on. Things will be better in His time. Things will turn out according to His plan.

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Rejection is inevitable. And it hurts like a heartbreak, sometimes more than that, we can never get away from it. We all need to experience being a failure to succeed. We need to feel being rejected for a bigger reason.

My Thoughts

I was moved by the conversation of Toni Gonzaga and Direk Laurenti Dyogi in The Conversation I Never Had With My Boss Direk Lauren Dyogi. This episode in Toni's YouTube Channel Toni Talks is one of my favorite. They talked about Dyogi's life story, his failures and his success. I also saw how humble he is and someone who is full of wisdom. You can check the video below to get a glimpse of what I was talking about.

Gonzaga is a multimedia celebrity known for her great acting, singing and hosting skills. Dyogi is a well-known director, producer and someone who has great eyes in searching for future stars.

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Written by   94
2 months ago
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Na reject ako sis kagabi lang 😁 tama ka sis we need it para maging better tayo or even best. In life, di palaging panalo palagi

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2 months ago