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Drinking Mojito in Jeju Island

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2 months ago

Maybe some of you are familiar with the title. You got it right. This is one of the lines that has been delivered by one of the characters in the hit Netflix series Squid Game. Squid Game is dominating Netflix and even some social media platforms. It is about these people who joined the game for the ultimate jackpot- 45.6 Billion Korean Won. A game that was created for fun. A game of survival. Don't worry, I will not go into details for those who haven't see the entire series yet. Instead, I will just share what are my takeaways in one of the episodes of Squid Game.

If some of you are done with season one, would you agree with me that Episode 6 is the highlight of the series? Episode 6 "Gganbu", is a masterpiece for me. This episode is really emotional and has a personal attack on the viewers. Felt a lot of emotions and realized a lot of things. Heartbreaking. Heartwarming. This is the best episode for me.

My Takeaways

Episode 6 taught me a lot of lessons about family, friends, life.

That sometimes we will meet a new person. A total stranger. But will leave a big impact on our life. That will make us feel more loved, more important. That will help us without hesitation and without waiting for anything in return.

That sometimes the person we thought is our best companion, best ally, a best friend will turn out the same person who will kill us in the end. The one you give your full trust, honesty, and loyalty is the same person who will betray you.

That sometimes we do things against our will but still do it out of many reasons. May it be for the future of our family or our self. Only we can know.

That looks are deceiving. The person you thought who is good outside is not purely good inside. He may have that Good Boy Next Door Image but has a totally different attitude behind his tux.

That life is too short. As much as you can, value every moment you can spend with your family and friends. Tell them how much you love them. Show them that you care. Be kind. Just make the best out of it. You'll never know what future awaits you. No one knows.

That humanity still exists. Despite the messy world we are living in today, there are still few people who are willing to spread kindness to others. Those people who always try to help others in need. Those people who always see and do the goodness.

Family, friends, selfishness, sacrifices, money, life - those are just a few of the things that were tackled in Episode 6.

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Reality Check

Image from Pixabay

The world we are living in today is in despair. We are being attacked by an unseen enemy. A lot of lives have been taken away from us. In a snap, everything changed.

Today's reality made us all think, and believed, that this world is only for those rich people. Those who have tons of money in their vaults. That health is wealth indeed but if you don't have money, you will not be prioritized. Squid Game made sure to pin point that idea. You can watch the series to find out what I was talking about.

My Thoughts

Life is unfair and will always work like that. If we are all in the dark right now, the time will come that we will all see the beauty of light. Don't lose hope. Don't think that it is always a stormy night. Let us all think positive that sooner or later a ray of sunshine will be seen. A colorful rainbow will be there to greet us for a better future.

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Written by   72
2 months ago
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.. you're always welcome sis 😘

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2 months ago

The series do have lot of lessons in life sis kaya cguro pumatok ito ng husto

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2 months ago