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1 year ago

After opening an account in noise.cash. I have made a habit of writing poems. These are some of the poems I wrote there. Hope you all enjoy it.

1. A Changed Man

I have changed

More than I had hoped

Some good, some bad

Some changes were worse

But here I stand today

A changed man

Tired bones, broken skull

with my rusty sword and shield

On the precipice of more.


2. Awry Man

My mind has gone awry

But I do not feel sorry

For all the things I have done

i have sure had a lot of fun


3. I see

I see

I hear

But my mouth is shut

Sewn together with the entrails of those

who dared to speak

So I fear

With my life that is dear

I keep my mouth shut

In fear


4. Crimson River

What are the rivers like

where you are from?

Do they flow red

as they do here?

Do they wail

and cry

and scream

for mercy.

Do you not have rivers like that?

That flow through the city

Used by the people To demand for justice

and what is rightfully theirs.

Do they not fall like moths to the fire

when they demand justice

and what is rightfully theirs.

Do you not live in human society

or do you live in a utopia of the gods?

Are you a god?

Then I seek justice.

Give me justice

for these rivers of blood.

Why have made us so

Only to be fed to these rivers.


5. The Primordial Answer

Yet we walk

Over the corpses

We march and march

For days that turn into months

that turns into centuries

and millennia.

Onward and onward

and onward and onward

We march

a meaningless march.

For answers that may not exist

For hope that we may not find

Our questions stay the same

The first and the last.

We keep asking

in vain,

Our existence

so banal.


If you have come down here. Thank you for reading my poems.

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