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What is the PANTA NFT Project?

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In a matter of days the PANTA telegram group has amassed more than 1,000 members. You may be wondering: What is PANTA?

This article is a very brief introduction to PANTA - the NFT project on SmartBCH for the whole world.

The website

What is PANTA?

PANTA is an NFT project on SmartBCH. It is designed as the seed that will grow into a strong tree with many branches and even more leaves.

The first stage is planting the seed and then growing the roots and the tree trunk to build a strong foundation. This is achieved by spreading the word -- about crypto -- about NFTs -- about SmartBCH -- and about PANTA. Everybody who is interested in any of these topics is welcome in PANTA.

The next step is to build the crown of the trees with many branches. And every person is a leaf that can contribute to PANTA.

PANTA recognizes the power of community -- the strength in numbers. And for that you don't have to have a lot of numbers in your bank account or crypto wallet. PANTA recognizes the strength in a numerous community. Of people who strive for more. Of people who want to improve their lives. Of people who want to build and learn.

The PANTA Empire

The PANTA empire will consist of 54 different kingdoms. Each kingdom needs the support of its community to develop itself into a stage 2 project. From the initial mint of 3,600 NFTs -- which can be bought for 0.108 BCH each -- each kingdom needs to hold a total of 63 NFTs among its emperor and his or her supporters. Each kingdom's society will decide on which treasure it will lay its focus.

A kingdom could decide to build a social media focused project like a (micro-)blogging platform or video streaming service. Or they could decide to focus on DeFi-related services like building a DEX, a launchpad, a token, an NFT minting service or an NFT marketplace. A kingdom could also choose to try to solve a problem in the real world by offering a remittances or a WIFI sharing service. Or they could choose to sell NFT or crypto related merchandise. Kingdoms could also focus on education and offer lessons, build virtual schools or offer virtual classes. They may decide to use any medium to publish their knowledge.

The opportunities for each kingdom to develop into its next stage are virtually endless.

PANTA Referral Program

To get the PANTA project started, a referral program has been conceived:

In order to be promoted to the kingdom level (prequalification challenge for the governance onboarding) in the PANTA empire, you need to invite at least 50 people to the PANTA Telegram group. If you and your referrals (team/kingdom) achieve a combined total of 300 invites as one of the first 54 people to do so, you become an emperor.

What Happens When I Become an Emperor?

The next step is to find people who are interested in helping you develop your kingdom. These can be supporters who spread the word -- or people who contribute with their skills to your kingdom's success.

What are the goals of PANTA?

PANTA adds value to SmartBCH by bringing new investors and members to SmartBCH. That is why it is attractive to every member of SmartBCH to become a supporter of the PANTA project.

PANTA resembles the power within every person and PANTA wants to empower people. PANTA NFT names and major decisions of the PANTA empire will be decided by kings (governance). PANTA governance will choose the names of the NFTs that will best reflect the power of the kingdom.

PANTA aims to build something from nothing.

PANTA aims to spread the word about SmartBCH.

And PANTA already brought a lot of new people to SmartBCH.

Seize the opportunity -- we win together.

PANTA Referral Program

You may have seen invites for the PANTA telegram group everywhere. If you haven't, please feel free to join the Telegram group and let the people in the group know that @MoreGainStrategies invited you. ✌



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Written by   343
1 year ago
Topics: PANTA, SmartBCH, Community, DEX, Token, ...
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PANTA means equality and success everyone is welcome. In PANTA small fishes has the opportunity to become whales with simple federal mechanism.

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Nice. Tonight Im going to check these one too. Thanks 😊

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King Martin... you have my support!

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