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Moving On: From KITTEN to Tropical Finance and PANTA

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3 months ago

Many weeks and months ago I started my "hobby" of being an activist investor in the CashKitten meme token on SmartBCH. Many things were achieved in the weeks that followed: We created a reward program for liquidity providers, we held a writing competition, we sponsored several #Club1BCH events and we managed to get a CashKitten farm on every DEX - except for BenSwap and later on Tropical Finance. Those who know Tropical Finance will also know that they have a very select set of farms - so it's not a surprise that KITTEN was not among the very few tokens that were given a farm.

During my time at KITTEN two additional tokens were launched: PSN and BabyKitten - both with a lot of potential, but ultimately, I realized that my input wasn't appropriated as much as I hoped. I wasn't able to form the new projects how I would like them to be. I think many people are familiar with the feeling of not being appreciated in their job, but on top of that, I basically worked for free. As an activist investor I never took any pay from the KITTEN project. I solely worked to make my investment into KITTEN a success. And I participated in the reward programs that I ran. However, for completeness I should mention that I received half of the reward which the token creator qualified for. The other half was redistributed into the reward pool.

Looking back

I definitely enjoyed my time at CashKitten - writing articles and running promotions - however, I realized that too many obligations were resting on my shoulders - and not enough authority over the project was given to me.

When the PSN token launched and then lateron BabyKitten, it became apparent to me that I had not much to say about the specifics. For instance, I had big plans for marketing BabyKitten - including an NFT giveaway and other incentives to buy and hold the token. The token creator declined, though.

My idea for BabyKitten were also different from how it turned out to be. I wanted to launch BabyKitten at a low price with relatively low liquidity - to give a reward to the early investors - as this is a recipe for rising prices. And I wanted the distributions of the 10% transaction tax to be 7% to the token holders and 2% to the liquidity pool and 1% to the marketing wallet. The token creator decided otherwise and launched with a higher price, higher liquidity and less reward to the token holders...

The decision

That was the point where I decided that it may be time to move on. I realized that it's not a good idea to attach my name, my face and my credibility to a project that I ultimately don't control. Especially when I don't know the creator of the project - as he remains anonymous.

New adventures

In my time on SmartBCH I found the Tropical Finance project. And after a while of learning about the project and the team behind it, they asked me if I would like to be a moderator in their Telegram group. After some consideration I agreed. And since my agreement my commitment has grown bigger and bigger. And from my commitment to Tropical, a commitment to a new project arose: PANTA.

Some may say that I joined another project that I have no control over - and that's true - but at least the team is privately doxxed and therefore they can't just disappear. And they do listen to my suggestions. As long as that's the case, I am happy to be a part of the project.


I realized that my time would not permit me to be active in both projects at the same time. Therefore, I finished all my obligations at KITTEN. I sent out the last rewards of the KITTEN liquidity providers reward program. And then I sat down in a quiet moment to write this article announcing my departure from KITTEN.

Therefore, today, after a lot of consideration, I have decided to officially leave the KITTEN project to dedicate myself to Tropical Finance. I wish the KITTEN project and all of its investors and supporters all the best and will keep an eye out for its future development. It was fun interacting with the community and I have no hard feelings for KITTEN. KITTEN will always have a place in my heart and in my memories, but it's time for me to move on to new adventures.

Thank you for reading!


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Written by   342
3 months ago
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Sometimes it is not necessary to complete a project completely, perhaps I just had to take the good experiences with you and learn from them.

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3 months ago

Finally! Yes, time to move on. Is PANTA a side project of Tropical? The day I joined the AMA, I saw the same people. I do like their plan but it's difficult to get 50 people to join under me. Will there be another option, like paying my way to get my kingdom?

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3 months ago

Yes, it was quite depressing at KITTEN recently to have many ideas and not being "allowed" to make them a reality.

PANTA is a project by one of the Tropical Finance core team members (dobartim) and a moderator (fly sky). They also asked me to join. Our designer is loosely connected to Tropical as well. So it's a separate project with some overlap. 😊

You raised a good point. I have also thought about adding some other paths to become a king as I won't be able to refer 50 people either. And we really need people with technical skills, too. Not just marketers and networkers. 😅 I will talk to them about it.

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3 months ago

Thanks for explaining. Will keep a lookout for this project. Hope there's a way to build a kingdom, too, without the "subjects". 🤣

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3 months ago

They will miss you Martin, you are a great guy and I wish you all the best in the new adventures

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3 months ago

Thank you so much, Paul! I truly appreciate it. 😊

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3 months ago