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The Greek Codex

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The following is translated from a Greek codex, belonging to the collection of Philip II of Spain in El Escorial, Madrid. The codex was last seen during the 17th century, and is now considered lost.

During the second month of the Ajet [1] (the winter season) in the hours that precede sunset [...] young Netjeriykhet, who would later be known as Djoser or Zoser, was taking a walk alongside the Nile, followed by a small entourage, for no other purpose than to observe the natural beauty of the river banks, laden with palm trees and papyri.

Suddenly all men noticed a circle of fire descending from the sky, opposite in direction to the sun. A fire with no voice, shined in the sky more than the sun itself [...] although it had no head, the breath from its mouth (emitted) a strong odor. It's body was one rod wide and one rod long.

Hearts were confused in it's presence [...]

(It) floated a few meters above the heads, without bringing any harm to them. (The entourage) fell on their bellies, fearful in the presence of this manifestation of Re.

After a few moments (it) regained altitude and drifted southward at incredible speed (without) making any sound, until it was out of sight.

(When) the initial fear had passed, and those present decided to get back on their feet, they realized that Djoser was laying on the mud, fainted.

Djoser was promptly carried to the palace [...] and they went before the Pharaoh to inform him.

[End of recovered text.]

As later history shows Djoser didn't suffer any harn from these events. He was the second pharaoh of the third dynasty of the Old Kingdom, and ruled from ca. 2665 to 2645 BC.

An scribe was ordered to record the strange occurrences of that day. Unfortunately the original didn't survive to our days, and we count only with mentions and retranslations.

One of those later mentions, implies Djoser fainted after receiving a vivid vision of Dyeser Deyeseru "the Most Sacred" [2], his own tomb, and a secret that he must protect built within the pyramid itself.

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The Step Pyramid of Djoser is the oldest pyramid in Egypt. It was built about 4,700 years ago.


[1] The events mentioned here took place during the Egyptian Old Kingdom. Location can be accurately stablished in Memphis.

[2] The Pyramid of Djoser in Saqqara, built by Imhotep between 2630 and 2611 BC.

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Written by   139
1 year ago
Topics: History, Mistery, Egypt
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Wow. This article is very much help about greek codex. fine. thanks.

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