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The gamer's dream: earn money while playing.

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1 year ago

Are you attracted to games? How many times have you wished that playing that favorite game of yours was your job? Sound nearly impossible? Well, it isn't.

If you are good enough in any game (and that means spending a lot of time on it) you can monetize your activity in one way or another. Whether it is helping other players to level up, trading rare items or bonuses that others might want, selling useful information to advance the game, and a long etcetera of possibilities –not all always strictly "legal".

The more experience you have in a certain game, the easier it will be to monetize your hours of play, meaning before you even get a penny you will have to invest a lot of time.

Usually you will hear from other players that they are making a lot of money in this or that game. Remember, they spent hundreds of hours on it before they got there.

A few hints:

  • Find a genre that suits your personality and habilities, instead of jumping from one to the next, because you heard that one pays more.

  • If you want to start faster, make sure it is a game with some time on the market, it will surely have many users and there will already be free guides and video tutorials left by others who will teach you what you need to learn.

  • Once you find the right game, put some real time and effort onto it. If you want it to be your job, you cannot expect to go work an hour the first day and obtain exceptional results.

  • Rest once in a while to avoid exhaustion. Don't play when you're tired because your performance will drop and you could lose patience and end giving up.

  • If you consider yourself a 'pro' then go for the newest and the hardest games. Sell any piece of knowledge you find (this might require you to have a previous audience as gamer, that way is much easier to monetize).

  • Be realistic but don't lose heart. Remember that not everyone can get it, if it were too easy, it would be worthless.

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Written by   139
1 year ago
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