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Monolith: Why Bitcoin Cash

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1 year ago (Last updated: 11 months ago)

Quick Background

Monolith crypto project was born in December 2019 as part of Marbella Chain a blockchain with native tokens (for tourism businesses usage in Spain).

After receiving minimal initial funding, hopes were high. But then, first problem, there wasn't any exchange for the tokens in this chain.

Soon things started to get south. The tools we could use stopped working, the Mchain developer embarked on an update to a certain technical aspect, leaving out the rest, and the promised improvements never seemed to come.

Meanwhile, COVID hit Europe hard, shattering most of our plans.

Towards the solution...

Creating our own blockchain didn't seemed viable –the required invest and developing time could have killed us–. But swapping to a different blockchain was. After considering ETH due to its popularity (and actually creating an ERC20 which is seating in some wallet somewhere), we were truly concerned on how this change would help the most needed or even facilitate their inclusion. It wouldn't.

Here's what we actually needed:

  • An asset that no one in the world could freeze.

  • Very fast transactions to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

  • Very cheap network fees, one cent or under will be ideal.

  • Not having to provide any personal information ever.

Bitcoin Cash to the rescue!

If you're familiar with Bitcoin Cash already, you can see why it was the perfect fit. Swap could be easily conducted at the lowest cost, without any technical requirements.

We gained not only functionally but we reduced cost fees and waiting times in the process.

So we did 1:1 swap (no matter what the new price would be) for our registered users and investors, so they kept their trust in us.

And we succeeded! LITH started to gain in price over the months, to reach one of the more stables for a non-stable coin.

Ultimately, the 3-5% monthly dividends split among every holder, attracted the attention of early investors (again, from Europe). In a year or two they will be heavily benefiting from being early adopters.

As an invest hub we tried to reach to poor countries who's people can benefit from a decentralized and anonymous form of investing, but the most of them merely didn't knew anything about crypto, even less about BCH or how to get it.

The road ahead is long and complex. It needs a lot of awareness (which never comes free), and the network marketing is not the proper way to look at it when you see so many pyramidal scams pegged to it –promising high return both for your money and for your (poor) friend's money.

If you have reached this far, the time has come to dump of this referral schemes, doubling money, next-BTC, and all that garbage. There's a simple way in which you can benefit further in a mid to long-term invest (or simply, forever) by holding and reinvesting.

Not holding LITH yet? Get it here!

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Written by   139
1 year ago (Last updated: 11 months ago)
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Well said. If I had any money in this account I'll tip u. But I don't. Suit yourself and have a like, is worth something isn't it?

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1 year ago

It is.

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1 year ago

Well, this is going to bring some new members once people found out about this. How exactly are you dividing up the rewards, btw?

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1 year ago

Yes we expect new members, we are hitting Twitter now. The rewards are dealt by the end of each month, taking in consideration the amount held by each address.

If the amount of certain address is between 99 and 299 LITH for example, that address receive a percentage within the guaranteed rank (2.1-3% visible in the picture) which ultimately depends on how productive our investments have been. But never less than guaranteed %.

We check up close that everyone receive their fair rewards each month.

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1 year ago

Would it then be an automated program since you'd start to have to check lots of addresses? I just recently bought 41 LITH and moved it to my SLP Deposit address.

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1 year ago

Yes we have been using automated tools and it's rather simpler to check holding addresses and send their dividends in a bulk, no worries. Thank you for your trust and support, which is very important to us.

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1 year ago