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Christmas' 14 Free GiftBoxes to top up your Virtual Mining Center

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Hi gamers and crypto fans, this Christmas event comes with great gifts and offers to help you top up your virtual mining center. You don't have a mining center already? Don't worry, here's a free guide to it.

First a quick look, how does this work?

If you haven't signed already use our sponsor link. Using this link will provide you with the initial funds to buy a rack from the ingame store. Now you need to mount virtual miners onto your new rack, but wait, is Christmas event!

Here comes... the GiftBoxes

For 14 days (Dec 24th - Jan 6th) you get to open a gift box daily. If you have just signed up you're Level 1 and there's a 50/50 chance the box contain ingame tokens (needed to buy the best machines) or nothing. This can be improved of course, being Level 6 the Max.

All Miners 25% off for few days

Levelling up is archieved by buying ingame tokens and using them in the store. Since all miners are 25% off this is a perfect time to get them, but your best choice is the featured season miner.

Get this one for sure, is best release so far in the whole year.

We will discuss numbers in a moment but first let's see the potential rewards.

The Rewards

From 1 to 6, we are going to divide them into "earthly levels" and "for non-mortals" Check the table below.

In a glimpse you can see in Level 6 you have a 33% chance to get up to 0.1 BTC daily for 14 days, but this level is for non-mortals. Sure is a great way to cash back and reinvest but not exactly cheap.

Level 1 is Free. Level 2 is cheap

That's it. So minimum recommended is Level 2. You need 0.0015 BTC, just go to your ingame wallet, deposit, get 75 tokens and buy one the white Christmas' machines. By the way you could buy unlimited machines of any type.

We got the machine at 25% off mounted and running. Lv 2 reached.

Now you (and we) can get up to 50 tokens daily with a 66% chance. To aim for better odds and perhaps some free machines, little more money and some luck will do the trick.

Level 3 is reachable with strategy

In level 3 you get a 25% chance of a free random machine, plus better odds of receiving tokens. In later stages you will be able to sell machines, but for now consider it a plus on your invest.

Wait few days, if you get good amount of tokens from the boxes, buy some more with BTC to get another white machine. Once done you will be at the doors of Level 3. Use your remaining gifts to buy the best possible machine and you'll level up before the first week is over.

Level 4-6 are for non-mortals

These are for heavyweight investors. To even get close level 4 you need to put some real money. The pro is you will never get an empty box and you have a chance of receiving up to 500 tokens. Maybe is time to remember this game is legit and has being running for 3 years now. If you need proof check related post or google it. Then if you have the money go for it, your cashback will be great and your 14 gifts probably worthy.

Remember you will reinvest all your gifts (except in Lv. 6) so don't despair, your money will return to you and keep producing interests forever, plus there's no withdraw fees.

That's all folks, enjoy building up your mining center and play some free games to get free mining power.

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