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Today it can be quite difficult to get hold of some valuable cryptocurrency. You can of course pursuit lucky airdrops, but it gonna take some time and real effort (and many deceptions) until you get something worthy in your hands. You can also do simple internet tasks for crypto, or take part in social media giveaways, but then you're not going to get much. You can try to earn in fun ways, like online mining simulations, or casino gambling (with attractive starter gifts). Again, you need very good luck on your side and or lot of free time.

Many people who want to get into crypto are put off by the various (and rather complicated) steps it can take. As you're merely entering this world you are often seduced by eye candy promises, or you just try to do whatever everyone else is doing without really knowing what the hell are you doing. Then you lost money. And that's ok, is part of the learning curve, but is not going to be easy and you're not going to like it.

There's in fact a short way to get crypto: buying it with your credit card or deposit in a compatible payment processor or exchange available at your country. But newer users don't always want to, or simply can't, verify their ID by sending sensitive documents online. What’s more, huge number of people from the developing countries couldn’t sign up to exchange because they don’t have government identification or a bank account to buy cryptocurrencies with, or because their counties are under sanctions.

And that's asuming you can afford it. Services like Coinbase charge large fees for buying cryptocurrencies. This makes it even less likely that poorer users in developing nations would buy digital currencies. This is unfortunate because digital currencies could have some of the greatest impacts in these countries. Considering the large number of people in the world that could live up with less than 2$ a day, even a few cents will make a significant difference.

People need to understand crypto better, so they can choose better. They need to know what Bitcoin is and how's useful to them (let's remember practical usecase means a lot in our daily lives, not everyone is a long term holder). They need to understand better how to deal with personal finances, because with decentralized economies you are your own bank. You need to save on your own, invest on your own, and study a lot your own beforehand.

Now is worth the question, is there anything that we can do to bring the people aboard?

Is not a matter of gifting them assets that later they won't know how to use (or won't be able) to suit their needs. Is not enough to tell them about advantages that they can't understand or implement.

Here at Monolith we believe in a future economy where every single dime will be decentralized and digital. And here is our 1, 2, 3 to make it happen:

  • We educate for free. People need to learn, and we must not put a barrier by charging them for this very necessary knowledge.

  • We simplify user experience. Easy rewarded social activities, alternative ways to do things, easy ways to invest and collect their profits, not restraint by any sanctions or political bulls*it. This makes more people want to take part in the process, and incentive them to remain learning.

  • We create passive income, no matter who you are or where. You have dreamed to earn money while you sleep, we give you the tools. Once you understand is possible, you wont look away anymore.

We are focused on to the task, and we seek results in short time. Now, what are you doing? Let us know in the comments.

Monolith, signing off.

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Written by   139
10 months ago
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