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2020 Activity Report

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1 year ago (Last updated: 11 months ago)

This is a summarized activity report for transparency information purposes, to Monolith associates, investors and future prospects. All presented data is true with an accuracy of nearly 95%.

Project Air Date: December 25th 2019.

Shared in social media ~0.047 BCH

Total Followers: 1410

Published Articles: 48


Created: April 25th 2020.

Ticker: LITH | Explorer Info

Decimals: 8

Minted: 25,000,000

Valid token addresses: 127

Tokens burned so far: 79.36941926

Circulating: 24,999,920.63058074

Sold so far: over 70,000 (~3.75 BCH)

Registered Txs: 617.


  • in BTC: 0.023 BTC

  • in Mining Shares: 0.00238 BTC

  • in other coins: ~180 USD

Current Masternodes:

  • 420000 RPD


Reserved for Buybacks: 0.208 BCH

Unused investment fund: 1.12 BCH


Last Dividends Payment: ~0.15 BCH

Reserved for Next Payment: 0.29 BCH

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Written by   139
1 year ago (Last updated: 11 months ago)
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Bad year for us all, but in the end you pull it through

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1 year ago

How to get this monolith for free 😅

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1 year ago

There was social tasks in Telegram to get some, not much, but right now best free opportunity will be (spolier alert) Xmas Gift. There's a catch tough, you have to had some to get more this December. 😊

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1 year ago

Oh.i only heard this monolith from you here on rc.. So i don't know much about it

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1 year ago