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Visiting and helping an animal shelter, my life as an independent animal rescuer.

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6 months ago

Hello community, I hope you are very well!

Today I bring you photographs of a very beautiful place on the outskirts of my city, it is an animal shelter with which I have collaborated on several occasions for animal rescue and shelter.

This shelter currently houses 15 dogs and a beautiful cat, it is actually a family home to which its owner has gradually become a refuge for those animals that unfortunately have no home or who have gone through ugly times in their life, is only a few minutes from the city where I live and is very beautiful and the experience of living with them is much better.

as you will see later you see that the puppies are very well taken care of and they are fat, that is because all the people who go to the shelter are asked for a bag of vegetable and vegetable shells to make them a very rich soup for them, apart from the soup they also eat dog food and everything that people want to take them, this is a very difficult task to maintain in my country, but always makes the most effort.

I know that because of the situation in the country, many people have abandoned their animals, leaving them in the misery and care of no one, but just as there are people who leave, I know that there are many people willing to give a hand to these animals, I know that for many it is very difficult l since the money is not enough at all, but at least we can provide them with some water or leftovers of our food, it is very important that we do not buy animals in the shops is easier to adopt, if you can not adopt can provide a temporary home, if you can't provide a temporary home, you can support it with money or food and if this becomes very difficult, spread the information, it helps a lot!

help a street animal won't change the world, but if it changed the world of that animal!!

I must say that I am very grateful to, because I have been able to take some of my income from the platform and others that I have obtained with my work in order to provide a help to these great people and animals, with food and medicines which they are always in great need for the treatment of every injured and sick animal that arrives at the shelter.

I hope I can continue to achieve this kind of thing with you, I wish you all the best

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6 months ago
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All dogs must be treated equally. They deserve to be loved, have a shelter and a loving family. How I wish that I can adopt one of those to give chance and let them feel what a family looks like. Because some dog owners will just become interested in dogs when they are just puppies but as time passes by, the love and care for them fades. They will just let the dog become a stray, surrender it to the nearest animal shelter and worst is they will be euthanized :( its not about the breed, price or age. Its about the love you gave to them and showing that they still deserve to have unending support till their last wag of tail ;)

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3 weeks ago

The dogs are beautiful!

They also make great companions and can help with emotional balance and make someone more responsible!

Good work!

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6 months ago

Wholeheartedly agree on adoption over buying from breeders!

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6 months ago

Wow good one. Well done in visiting the animal shelter. Protecting animals, especially for those ones abandoned, is not an easy task because it requires one who really loves cares and have interest in these animals. In return you create awareness about the state of these animals to the general public. I like to say thank you for exihibiting such care to nature, biology and the environments. But by the way from these pictures, the animals are very astonishing and exquisite. Good job and thanks

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2 months ago