Rest in peace Donna, thank you all so much for your help...

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2 months ago

Hello community, this post will be a little different.

First of all, I want to thank all the people who were very much on the lookout, of Donna's health, the little dog I rescued from a dumpster a few days ago.

This is the post in which I told you about Donna, for those who didn't know about the situation.

The affection that I developed for Doona was gigantic, seeing how small it was, but the big heart I had, how hard I struggle to live, just inspired me.

But pitifully, I failed.

I tried a lot to save her, do fundraisers online and in my community, use all the money that I had saved until I run out of a single penny, but I couldn't save her.

Donna was in very bad health and as much as she fought hard until the end, she could not win the battle.

I really feel heartbroken. But in part, I feel good to have given her this way a few days of love, affection, and friendship, which I know she appreciated very much.

I think the saddest part of this job I do is realize that you can't save all rescued puppies and how much it hurts to lose them.

Donna, now she is in a better place, where she is not suffering and I know that she is grateful to each and every one of us who watches over her when she needed it most.

I will continue to fight and work hard to save more lives, I know that much more good news will come, than sad statements like these.

Thank you all for your help, we have managed to make a dog happy after so long that the only thing I had known for a long time, had been sadness and suffering, you are wonderful people.

Rest in peace Donna.

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2 months ago
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Very sorry to hear that.

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2 months ago

It's sad news for all of us, but we did what we could, And that's the important thing

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2 months ago
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