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One of my stories as an independent animal rescuer.

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8 months ago

today I will tell you the story of two beautiful bulldogs that were rescued a while ago. Due to the situation of the country, dog food has greatly increased its price, so it is presenting the problem that many dogs are being abandoned in the streets, things that in my last post I commented. These beautiful bulldogs are mother and daughter and we rescued them from a veterinarian who was not licensed to work, so in that time he did it illegally.

In this place animal abuse was common, but fortunately, these people were denounced at the time and justice was done.

Returning to the case, these two puppies were in a cage without food or water, they were only forced to give birth to sell their young, which are sold at a good price in this country.

In the photograph you can see that it is quite malnourished, thus losing several distinctive features of its race, all this due to a bad alimentation and of course abuse

Inside the cages where they were had, they could not move, play, or exercise, they were constantly in contact with their waste and suffering from many diseases, this due to the low light they received and the few care that was administered to them, also they were dehydrated and had fungus on their eyes and skin above all, skin that is very delicate in these breeds of puppies.

as you can see are the most affectionate puppies in the world, this has to do with their friendly breed, these animals need a lot of care I do not understand how someone is able to hurt them, I do not think this is well and more if he claims to be a veterinarian.

After being treated for a while, by me and my family, the sweet puppies were taken to a beautiful house on the mountain where they lived happily for a few months with a good family.

If a few months, unfortunately, these puppies are very delicate and as I said they need very special care, so because of everything that happened they could not resist much since they already suffered strong diseases difficult to treat. these little puppies failed to recover and their lives gradually faded.

Unfortunately, animal stories that are rescued often do not have a happy ending, but the important thing is to be able to offer them our help so that they can enjoy as much as they can, a true love, which is what they really deserve.

So I hope to continue this work that I have been doing, to be able to continue to bring love and helps to these beautiful living beings and who knows, maybe at some point, I can set up my own animal rescue organization, of course including the BCH community who has provided me a lot of help to through time to be able to get on with this project!

Thank you very much for reading this post, if you like don't forget to subscribe!

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Written by   53
8 months ago
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I love animals & dogs very much myself. Respect for your efforts in rescuing them.

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7 months ago

@DrNums Thank youuuu, I am very happy to hear that, helping them is something that makes me really happy and I hope I can continue to do it for a long time.

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7 months ago

I love this write up

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4 months ago