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My first musical cover on

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6 months ago

Hello community I hope everyone is very well!

Since I was very young I loved singing, I have always been getting into various musical projects, from the school choir, to a small band which I had with friends when I was 15.

But this is my first time uploading a video singing to the net, I really hope you like it.

I apologize for the quality of the video, but I don't have a good camera, but I find myself saving up to buy a better one and a microphone too

The name of this song is "Respira"

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Very nice song!

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6 months ago

Beautiful! Thank you :-)

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6 months ago

Stumbled upon this while searching for music on You might want to consider a crosslink back to your Read.Cash account from whatever you post in

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2 months ago

Hey Monica, I make music as well. Nice to see more musicians are coming to

Good luck, I hope you make lots of BCH here on!

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5 months ago