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My achievements with BCH in Venezuela.

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7 months ago (Last updated: 6 months ago)

First I want to introduce myself for those who do not know me, My name is Monica Hernandez, I am from Venezuela and I have been in for a little over a month, but a while ago I was for more than a year on the page of, place where I had my first experience with BCH.

BCH has given me many opportunities and beautiful experiences and is that since I started, I have been able to carry out several of my goals along with their help, such as being able to buy food and things necessary while in a country in crisis, start a project with which I always dreamed, and help my mom with her treatments.


One of my goals is BCH animal life project, which is my main project today, which focuses on animal rescue and care, all this with the funds that I gather in my posts made in the community and donations received by community.

I have been very happy to achieve this because for a long time I had dedicated myself to animal rescue on my total own, but being able to do it hand in hand with BCH has given me the boost I much needed, if you want to see several of these rescues and care, you can see them in my profile, where they are documented in various articles.


Helping my loved ones has been one of the greatest blessings that BCH has given me, being able to help in my home not only with the purchase of food and necessary products that are very difficult things to afford here, but also to help my mother with her medical treatment, which for me is my greatest achievement, to give back a little to the person who has given so much for me.


When you do what you are passionate about, everything flows and you feel happy, I find myself at a time when I am constantly overcoming, every day I learn something new which is great, because there is no greater treasure than knowledge, BCH is a world of opportunity and I hope that and in the future everyone realizes this.

Thank you very much, I wish you all the best and God bless you.

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Written by   53
7 months ago (Last updated: 6 months ago)
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The situation in Venezuela has improved very slightly recently as they (the very corrupt government) has released some of the controls within the country (they were forced to and probably did it for their own good and not because they thought of the people), it has allowed supermarkets to at least replenish some of their inventories, and also has allowed for prices to still swing crazily, but not as crazy as it used to, a lot of old people now see it possible to finally get a new fridge for a couple of years worth of work versus the decades it took previously. People can eat a little bit better too provided they are lucky enough to get one of the jobs that are paying about $40-$60/month (Only young people get them, and there are very few jobs like these paying over minimum wage.)

Venezuela is a prime example of why bitcoin and crypto currency is important to the entire world:

1) Fiat inflation: If you have money you worked hard for in the bank, you not only risk getting it seized from you leaving you empty handed, but you also risk losing its value over time, in the past I had seen friends and I myself lose 40%, 60%, 80% or more of what we had in fiat at the moment, back when there was barely anything to buy or to turn it on in order to save it from losing all its value.

2) Currency controls: I have been a software developer for over 10 years, and due to the situation in Venezuela I have always worked with clients from other countries that can pay an actual humane living wage, as working within the country the usual wages used to be $20/month or so, that is for 160 hours or more worth of work every month, I have had friends working in their cities biggest corporations IT departments make about $20/month which wouldn't be enough to even eat 3 meals a day.

Because of currency controls however it is hard to receive payments from clients in other countries, our only options used to be payment processors like paypal, or using some other form of payment such as amazon giftcards, the problem with doing this is 1) we risk getting our accounts shut down by the payment processor as they can do it any time they please and 2) we lose over 30% in fees when exchanging these paypal dollars or giftcards when we need to purchase food in our local currency.

With bitcoin/crypto life is now so much easier/possible, I have so much less stress since I started to use bitcoin a few years ago for payments, 1) I can keep it on my own wallet and noone will take it away from me so long as I keep the keys intelligently secure, 2) the currency exchange is so much better but there's also a lot of places that have started to receive payments in crypto, incidentally, I started to use bitcoin for payments when paypal shut down my account after I friend I had over logged into his paypal account on my network I was devastated as that was the only way for me to receive payments, and my emergency funds were stored in that account too, so if an emergency happened I would have had no way to get out of it, my family's well being was at risk as I was the only provider, luckily bitcoin was there to save us all.

Anyway, we Venezuelans are all very happy that bitcoin exists.

Buen post Monica!

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7 months ago

Excelente Trabajo. Te admiro. Please God, more good Venezuelans!

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7 months ago

'Kudos to you Monica for the good job you're doing to touch peoples life, including animals in Venezuela. You're such a visionary leader I see as role model".

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4 months ago

Hola Monica, que bonito tu post. Me parece muy noble tu iniciativa para ayudar a rescatar animales (no la conocía). Recuerdo haberte visto en y en algún momento me pregunté si tenías redes sociales. Es grato ver que aún formas parte de la comunidad BCH.

Me he suscrito a tus posts. Bendiciones y un gran saludo.

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7 months ago

Hello Monica. I love your dog-shelter work in BCH. I think this can be greatly expanded and I would like to talk about how we can improve visibility for your project.

You can join our platform on (discord link and onboarding formular on the site). Once you're there, give me a message! thank you 💚

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4 months ago