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Freedom is that a person has power, authority, right, and the authority to act, speak, or think as he wants without any restrictions or limits.

The term freedom has been used in the history of philosophical and social thought as an ethical and social concept, to refer to conditions that arise in interpersonal relationships, or to conditions of social life.

Types of freedom

  • Media freedom :

The concept of media freedom refers to giving the media and sources of communication freedom to operate in the political and civil societies, and the term (media freedom) extends to the traditional idea of ​​freedom of the press to publish through electronic media, such as radio, television and the Internet, and media freedom is necessary for democratic societies.

Where individuals and people rely on it to obtain sufficient information to make decisions on public issues and consider it an outlet for public debate and opinion. Media freedom in general seeks to show the truth, educate the public, and monitor the government.

  • Social freedom :

The concept and term of personal or social freedom refer to the interaction relationships that take place between persons or groups, whereby individuals allow each other to act in certain ways, provided that these behaviors do not conflict with the freedoms and principles of others, as there is a difference between the freedom to act as he wants And withholding his freedom from violating the freedom of others.

  • Freedom of expression and speech :

Freedom of expression includes freedom of speech and freedom of the press, freedom of association, freedom of assembly, petition, and petitions, and this freedom requires not to express in a way that may distort reputation, cause panic, create discord, or incite crime.

Freedom of speech here refers to a right. People express their opinions explicitly and publicly without any government interference, provided that these opinions do not include any insults or defamation.

  • Political freedom :

The concept of political freedom refers to giving citizens or societies freedom that does not conflict with respect for the government. This freedom focuses and focuses on giving individuals and groups the freedom to participate in the political process (the right to vote), freedom of speech and writing, freedom of religion, and freedom of association, whether religious. Whether political or economic, and the concept of political freedom has extended to include national self-determination, demands for economic freedom, freedom from want, and so on, among other things.

Concept of Freedom

The concept of freedom differs according to many criteria such as time and place, for example, and for that many definitions have been developed to describe it. The Declaration of Human Rights issued in 1789 described freedom as: (the right of the individual to do everything that does not harm others), and the word freedom It means that a person can make a decision himself and voluntarily, regardless of whether the decision affects the material or the moral side, without any compulsion from any other party.

About freedom as a concept, it is that the individual enjoys a comprehensive framework that organizes personal freedom and also protects the freedoms of others, meaning that each individual has his freedom as long as he abides by its limits and does not encroach on the freedom of others, as his freedom ends at the beginning of the freedom of others, and a person must realize that he lives on This world is shared with many people, and every one of them has the same right to freedom, and all religions, regulations, and laws have guaranteed this right and urged it. [2] Ahmed Lotfi Al-Sayed - an Egyptian thinker - talked about freedom, saying: (Freedom is the purpose of man in life. It was and still is his passion for which he has always offered sacrifices and spent his dearest thing for him. By proving what the sensory accidents that occur from individuals and nations have reached, indicating that freedom is life, but rather dearer than life).

The importance of freedom

Freedom is of great importance in the lives of individuals and societies, and from this importance:

  • Freedom is diagnosed with societal awareness of the state of society, and it goes with it to provide solutions to its problems and the challenges it faces on the moral, intellectual, social, and cultural levels, among others.

  • Freedom changes with an awareness of the negative reality and transforms it into a positive reality through its frameworks, tools, and principles based on recognition of the opinion and other opinion and constructive criticism.

  • Freedom, within the framework of awareness, aims to build the human being and provides him with a decent living and opportunities for productivity and innovation.

  • Freedom enhances the personality of the individual and contributes to the growth of society.

  • Freedom enhances the position of rulers in the souls of their people and increases the happiness of peoples and the prosperity of nations.

  • Freedom irrigates the veins of society, supporting it and reinforcing its foundations and pillars.

  • Freedom raises the value of sustainable development; As free societies are more productive and beneficial than repressed societies.

  • Step aside freedom of feeling outrage among peoples, as their desire to save them from neglect and the practice of violence.

  • Freedom teaches a person to give. No person who is not free can give himself, his community, or humanity as a whole, any additional benefit or value, be it on the material or moral side.

  • Freedom enables individuals and groups to work effectively to achieve their goals and aspirations.

  • Freedom is the basis of most religions and principles in their intellectual, ideological, and ideological debates and struggles.

  • Freedom is the primary basis for shaping future history. As a free person constitutes the spirit that produces progress and development, a person can't practice his perfectionist movement if he is not liberated within him to feel freedom a reality.

  • Freedom enhances the stability and security of the economy; As the lack of it establishes an authoritarian rule controlling people and society, which leads to a halt in the wheel of production, the spread of corruption, and the rise in unemployment rates.

  • Freedom affirms the sublime meanings of morals, as it directs the human being to know the virtues that help him improve his reality and reform himself.

  • Freedom contributes to building and maintaining cohesive, balanced societies; Because it preserves the individual and social rights of each individual, which removes any sense of oppression he has.

  • Freedom entrenches security and peace in societies; The free climate provides an effective place for calm and logical discussions, which enhances the peaceful expression of opinions and beliefs.

The concept of freedom in Islam

In Islam, freedom is considered a human necessity, and it is also a divine obligation and a legal mandate. As it is not considered just a right that an individual can waive when he wants. Islam as counting slavery and slavery-like death, the promise of freedom is life, has made Islam in its legislation freeing the neck of any revival expiation for the crime of manslaughter, where the Almighty said: (and the killing of a believer error Freeing locked neck).

Islam has established the principles of freedom even when a person chooses his religion, God Almighty said: (Indeed, we have guided him the path, either as thanksgiving or atonement); When God granted man the freedom to determine his religion and matters of his belief and faith and made him responsible for his freedom of choice, so he established the argument against him and granted him his complete justice, God Almighty said: (There is no compulsion in religion. There is no separation between the bonds of trust, and God is All-Hearing and Knowing), as he said: (And if your Lord desires, all those in the earth would have secured all of them.

Freedom in Islam was exemplified in many situations, including what happened with the companion Amr ibn al-Aas - may God be pleased with him - when he was the governor of Egypt during the caliphate of Omar bin Al-Khattab - may God be pleased with him - when Ibn Amr bin Al-Aas participated in a horse race with a boy From the Copts of Egypt, Ibn Amr hit the Coptic boy because he knew that the Copt could not take revenge on him while he was in the support of his father and his authority.

Al-Munawwara, when they were present, the Commander of the Faithful gave the Coptic boy a whip and ordered him to take his right, and he struck him until he recovered from it and healed what was in himself, then Omar said to the Copt: (If you hit Amr bin Al-Aas, it would not stop you, because the boy had only hit you to Sultan of his father), then he turned to Amr bin Alas, saying:(When did you enslave people when their mothers gave birth to them as free?).

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Written by   153
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Freedom is everything for every person in this world without freedom you can't imagine your life. Not even me I also can not imagine my life without freedom I will get die if some one takes my freedom

i love freedom

i love my all my friends and family

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I m sharing the same thoughts.

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