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Bohol Organic Strawberry Farm

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1 month ago

Visited MUSFA or Mayana Upper Sampong Farmer's Association to check the organic strawberries but we came in a little late as the strawberries were all sold out. Yes, they allow picking of ripe strawberries early in the morning, so it is a first come first pick basis and you'll have to pay for those that you picked as the workers will be weighing them out for you.

Since we arrive at ten in the morning, the strawberries we found were still tiny, light pink, and are not ready for harvest. According to the farmers, the guests came at seven in the morning, they are open at six as the workers will have to also observe and monitor the guests as they pick the strawberries.

The temperature in Mayana is really cool even if there's Mr. Sun. It rained during our visit but it was just for a short time. The road as well going there is nice and cemented so it was a smooth ride. We had a quick stop at the nearby Mcdonalds so we could eat while on the road.

Aside from strawberries, the farm also caters to horseback riding. We had no plans of riding the horse but we took photos with it as the background, it was a small horse though.

And they are famous as well because of their plant collection which they also sell. These plants are expensive though so we didn't bother buying them. Here are some of the plants available at the farm:

There's an in-house restaurant too which caters to the guests who want to dine in. We had our lunch and we tried their organic native pig cooked as sisig. It was my first time to try and it didn't disappoint. Their chef seemed to know what he or she is doing.

We had fun at the farm and we went home with a full stomach and eyes filled with plant inspiration. Surely, we will come back and make sure to be there early so we can try picking strawberries.

Watch my vlog about the farm here, this is still premiering by February 27:


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Written by   30
1 month ago
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