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Horror Story

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2 weeks ago

He is in the next room!

That was many years ago.

There was a news in the paper that a murderer was hiding in Kolkata with dust in his eyes. Upon investigation, the police came to know that the killer was hiding in a house somewhere in North Kolkata in disguise. The man's picture was also printed. The paper said if anyone could find the man, he would be rewarded by the government.

At that time murder was not as bad as it is now. So the police could not catch such a horrible murderer, and I was terrified to know that he was still in Calcutta. And I still remember the incident because I was scared.

After that he did not know whether the killer was caught or not. At least I didn't notice anything on paper.

I found out many years later. He also read the newspaper.

The incident is like this 6.

Bibhavati Sarkar bought a two-room flat on the other side of Maniktala Bridge. The money was given by his only son. Works in Delhi. He told his mother, "You will not leave Kolkata, I am paying to buy a flat. You have to retire and go to Calcutta. ”

So Bibhavati Devi bought the flat. The flat is an old dilapidated house and is built on a little swamp land. At one time there were few houses in these areas. This flat 6 that broke the house. That was a zamindar in one of the ducksites. When the zamindari was gone, the descendants of the zamindari are also scattered in different parts of Calcutta. But the former zamindari mood did not go away. The old houses of that period were not liked by the zamindar sons. So he left it. Occasionally a couple of houses would be rented. Would have gone again. Rent a little money. So the zamindar's sons were not satisfied. They decided to sell the house. That's why the new tenant did not settle down. Because no one will want to buy a house with rent.

After a lot of change of hands, now that house has become a new fashion flat. But in the back part there are still ponds, swamps, dhol-kalmi and bantulsi bushes. Suddenly you don't think the place is in Kolkata.

Bibhavati bought a two-room flat here. He lives alone with Pujo-Achcha. Very devotional. Cook yourself.

There is a working girl. She helps him all day. He spends his time talking to her.

Everything is fine, but there is an inconvenience. Bibhavati got some evidence so that she understood that there was something wrong with the house. Especially in the north room.

He had extraordinary strength of mind and courage so he could stay alone at night. Or what is the way? The boy bought the flat by spending so much money. E or where to leave now? What do you say to the boy? He was forced to keep the lock on his face. Didn't say anything to anyone. Here are some of his relatives. They would occasionally come to see him. But he would not tell anyone to stay the night. Although his relatives thought he was alone, he would laugh and say that he was fine. Moreover, whatever God will do, so be it. What is the benefit of thinking in vain.

Seeing so much faith in God, even the relatives did not say anything. He could only inform them that if he got sick, he should inform them immediately.

That Vibhavati Devi did an intelligent thing. Took the telephone. And he put it on a tool near his head.

In his mind, of course, he knew that except for illness, the fear that he digested silently, the remedy for it is not to call people by telephone.

An incident happened shortly after taking the telephone. Sometimes he calls one or two people. But no one calls him big.

Suddenly in the middle of the night the sound of the telephone waking him up woke him up. Who is calling so late at night? Definitely the color number. He was about to raise his hand from inside the mosquito net, when suddenly he saw a black hairy hand picking up the receiver from outside the mosquito net and pushing it towards him. Yes, just a hand.

He was startled. Scared. But he calmed down and said in a calm voice, "Who are you? What do you want? ”

The answer was not found. Just a faint footstep went out of the room.

Vibhavati Devi did not get up anymore. Remembering God, he lay down again.

Woke up in the morning and thought, was he dreaming?

That's when I saw the receiver hanging under the tool.

Sweat dripped from his face. Then he tightened himself up. He did all the work in the world as usual. Didn't tell anyone the events of the night. If you say it will rot, the flat is haunted. And if that word reaches the boy's ears, they will not come again.

One thing he was afraid of was that by the time he got here, he knew there was something in the north room. However, he does not use this house. But last night he realized that he had started coming to this house as well. So how does he stay here?

Then he thought, but the man did not try to harm him. ‘Who are you? He left the receiver to ask what he wanted. Why he came, why he left, he could not find the answer. Can't find another answer, who called him that night? What color number was it really?

However, he has not entered the house since that day. But one day the work girl stopped the goal.

He decided to ask the maid to stay with him at night. For that, you will pay more. The girl agreed. But in the meantime an incident happened.

That evening the lights suddenly went out. Vibhavati Devi understood, loadshedding. This is a daily matter. But suddenly the maid came running to him, trembling with fear. His words are not moving with his mouth.

What about Ray Malti? What happened? ” Vibhavati Devi asked.

Malati just said with great difficulty, "A man."

”People! Where are the people? ”

Malati pointed to the other side of the room. Then somehow he said, when he entered the room to sweep, the load shedding happened. And then he clearly saw a tall man standing in the room with his hands on his hips.

Bibhavati's chest trembled with fear. He did not understand what Malati meant by people. But he showed courage in his face and said, "Where will the people come from?" Surely the eye is wrong. ”

As much as Malati wants to explain, it is not the fault of the eyes, Bibhavati says, no, it is the fault of the eyes. Where will the people come from? ”

Seeing that Malati was silent, he said more emphatically, "I have been here for so long. I have never seen anything like that. ”

Bibhavati had to tell a lie. Although he did not see anything, he heard the sound of people moving in that closed room not once but half.

Bibhavati was forced to lie. If not, Malati will stop working in this house.

In the end Malti stayed. But he would leave before evening. Since then, Bibhavati has been alone all night. And the panicked panic in the locked room next door.

Even that day, the telephone rang, shaking his quiet room. But not late at night, a little later in the evening.

Bibhavati was startled. Somehow he picked up the receiver.

Then his voice stuck in happiness, "Hello!" ”

The only son's wife called from Delhi.

"Yeah, it's kind of I'm fine…. Well, did you call many a night before? …… ..Oh, didn't you? ..I couldn't catch it - it was cut.

Will you come to Calcutta the day after tomorrow? …… I am very happy to hear that …… for one night only? ”

After talking to Bauma, Bibhavati Devi left the receiver. Then he looked up and was startled. Outside the house, a tall man stood by the window sill.

Who? Who's there? ”

Immediately the idol moved away… if it merged into darkness. Vibhavati's blood froze. Did he come to hear if someone new was coming to the house?

Anjana, the wife of Vibhavati Devi's son, works in a famous English paper office in Delhi. He came to a friend's wedding in Calcutta. Ratatuku will stay only with mother-in-law. The next morning flight will return to Delhi.

Although she was happy with the joy of getting close to her people, she was also a little scared. ঐ Who is often seen in this house… ..will not see her?

That afternoon Anjana came laughing. He lay next to his mother-in-law all afternoon and did not tell many stories. Went out in the afternoon to do some shopping. He said he would return before evening.

Anjana returned just in the evening. A few steps up the sidewalk. Then the entrance door. Calling bell was ringing, no need. Malti opens the door and leaves quickly. He smiled a little when he saw Baudi.

"Done?", Anjana asked.

"Yes", Malati replied with a smile.

"Going home?"


Anjana entered and closed the door. Now a little passage. The passage is dark. Anjana was moving forward, suddenly it seemed as if she was not able to move forward - what was stopping her. Looks like someone is trying to push him out. Anjana was shocked. That's when he thought someone was standing two hands away in front of him a thief or not?

Anjana, a girl working in a newspaper office in Delhi, has to rush to various places to collect news. Not so easily scared. He said in a threatening tone, "Who is there?"

At once it seemed as if someone had left the path.

Lest the mother be afraid, Anjana didn't make much noise about it. He entered the house and said only one thing to his mother-in-law, "Is there no lighting in the passage?"

Bibhavati was surprised and said, "There is Boiki. This is Malti when the light is on. ”

”But 6. But when I entered, the passage was dark. ”

Bibhavati said, "Maybe the bulb is cut."

Within half an hour, Anjana got dressed and left for the wedding. When he returned at ten o'clock at night, he saw a divine light shining in the passage.

Now it's time to go to bed. I have to catch a plane tomorrow morning.

Vibhavati wanted Anjana to sleep well with him. But Anjana did not agree to sleep with her mother-in-law. Said, the next room is empty. I will sleep there. ”

Bibhavati's face went dry. He meant a lot. He said, "He doesn't use the house, doesn't he clean it?" What do you need? Do you sleep with me one night? ”

Anjana thought that maybe her mother-in-law was forbidding her to sleep in the house because of the commotion of hanging bed sheets and mosquito nets. So said. ”You don’t have to think of anything. I'm taking care of everything. "

He went to the north room and started sweeping to get the bed.

What else does Nirupaya Bibhavati do? He just said, "Deco me when I'm scared." ”

Anjana laughed and said, "What are you afraid of?" Ghosts? ”

The word 'ghost' suddenly came out of his mouth.

What else did Bibhavati do, she left the rudraksha garland around her neck under Anjana's pillow. He prayed in his heart, "O Thakur, save Bauma."

Anjana was very tired. So spread your arms and legs and sleep comfortably. Even then he did not know what terrible things were going to happen.

Many nights he suddenly woke up. His breath seemed to be stuck in the unbearable heat. He looked through the mosquito net and saw that the fan was not running. Loadshedding? There is so much load shedding in Kolkata! But then he looked out the window and saw that the street lights were shining brightly.


Suddenly he thought there was someone else in the room. He was startled to see a man who was only five hands away from his bed, staring at him with his hands on his hips. Such a faint look he saw in the passage when he entered the house after shopping in the evening. Then he could not see the face.

Anjana sat up with a thud. Couldn't. It was as if his whole body were numb.

Wondering what to do, he saw the man approaching him one step at a time.

Anjana went to scream, could not. Only a growl came out of his mouth.

By then the idol had come very close to the head. Picking up the mosquito net with one hand, he grabbed Anjana's left hand with his cold hand and started pulling it.


A word came out of Anjana's mouth. Then he doesn't remember anything else.

Anjana woke up the next day at the call of her mother-in-law. At first I thought I had a nightmare. But looking at his own hand, he was stunned. The scar on his arm is still red. And… ..and the mosquito net is still a little high towards the head.

Anjana addressed Bibhavati Devi and said, "You will not be here alone anymore. Come with me. ”

Bibhavati said, "Is it possible to get rid of the jute here in a hurry?"

Anjana said, "But I will go now. I'm bringing your son very soon. Then it can be fixed by sitting together and discussing. Be careful these days. "

Bibhavati smiled a little.

Anjana did not give up easily. The horrible experience of staying one night in this house was written on paper. The information that came out after looking at the old papers in Calcutta was that the tall murderer was hiding in this house with the gang with dust in the eyes of the police. No one dared to inform the police. But one day one of the zamindar's sons sent Lethel to vacate the house, killed him and buried him there. Police later dug up the ground and found the body.

Surprise! But the body was not found.

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Written by   18
2 weeks ago
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