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What Muslims need to do to get back on the world stage.

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1 year ago

I finished a small book today. Although the book is small in terms of pages, it is not small at all in terms of weight. The words have been uttered from a heavier mouth. Which is why it has affected me so much. Professor Dr. There are very few conscious Muslims who have not heard of Nazmuddin Erbakan. This great man is one of the masterminds behind the reawakening of Muslims around the world. The name of the book is "Islam and knowledge". Burhan Uddin.

Muslims will not regain their lost glory until the dream of awakening in their minds is awakened. In today's world, Islam has been removed from the minds of Muslims. I was present at a publication function at Darur Rashad Madrasa yesterday. There Mr. Muhtaram Liaquat Ali said an important thing. And that is, the more educated he is in the current education system, the more he forgets Islam. Islamic philosophy disappeared from his heart. All over the world, Western powers have reorganized the education system in such a What Muslims need to do to get back on the world stage.
that one who studies in a structure will never be able to become a true Muslim unless his family or some other medium helps him to become a Muslim.
Allama Muhammad Salman repeatedly said that the practice of Hadith in Ilm should be Deeni Ma Hawl May, that is, the practice of modern knowledge and science should be ensured in the religious environment. Muslims will lag behind until the practice of modern knowledge and science develops a culture of domination in their own spheres. As it is now, in an environment where only the Qur'an and Hadith are being practiced, Muslims will never be able to lead the world. Modern science has to develop a new style of education in its own environment. Mr. Salman lamented that on the other side, that is, in India, the gathering of Sher-Shayari means Muslims, and on the other side, the gathering of poetry and poetry means Hindus. This means that our concept of knowledge is very limited. Narrowness in our nostrils. We literally practice only the Qur'an and Hadith. In fact, we have forgotten the widespread demand for the practice of the Qur'an and Hadith.

The subject that I started to discuss, that is, said. Erbakan gave a short speech. What he meant by this discussion to this ummah is that the main source of knowledge is in the hands of Muslims. Since the discovery of the Muslims, the West has pointed to every aspect of how it has enriched itself. He has given every proof that science has been developed by the hands of Muslims. Physics, chemistry, mathematics, geography, medicine, sociology were the exclusive discoveries of Muslims everywhere. From the 6th century to the end of the 14th century, there was no ethnic group near the Muslims in the height of discovery. In the Western world, from the Crusades in the 15th century, they traced the knowledge acquired by the Muslims. Dr. Erbakan proved that it took them hundreds of years to understand many terms, including astronomy.
If you want to win, you have to wake up. There is no benefit in chanting the tasbeeh of unity alone. We have to look far. Ummah-centric overall thinking needs to be done. The education system needs to be restructured all over the world. Western slavery must first be freed from the education system. If we can change the education system, the whole Muslim world will change. Then you will see how Muslims are gradually improving in all branches of science. If this is not done, Muslims will never be freed from the shackles of political slavery and education.

Finally, I would like to reiterate the words of Mr. Salman Sahib that if modern knowledge and science can be practiced in an environment built in their own way, the leadership of the whole world will once again fall under the feet of Muslims. There is no alternative. Forsaking the pursuit of science for fear of the West is nothing but a suicidal tendency. May Allah Ta'ala grant Muslims the grace to wake up again in the whole world. Amen.

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Written by   24
1 year ago
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