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Electricity Power

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5 months ago

Electricity is such a part of our everyday life that we rarely think twice about its importance and necessity. When we switch on the light and the fan or turn on our television and computer, we enjoy the blessings of electricity.

Even when we turn off the beside lamp and are fast asleep. electricity remains working for us driving our fans heating or cooling our rooms and running our refrigerators. Unfortunately, we cannot enjoy the uninterrupted blessings of electricity.

There is some shortage in the generation of electricity in Bangladesh. Hence, load - shedding or suspension of the supply of electricity has become a regular program of the Power Development Board.

During summer this shortage reaches to such an extent that people become impatient as life comes to a standstill. However, summer in our country covers a period when the day becomes longer and the night shorter.

During this period, we get the light of the day more than any time of the year. In order to save electricity by utilizing day light in an extended period of time, the government has made the hands of clocks in Bangladesh ahead of one hour since 20 June, 2009.

There were much discussion and calculations before introducing this national program. People welcomed it with a view to making the dream of digital Bangladesh a success.

Now, we get up early to join the day's business. We hope that utilizing day light by reducing the consumption of electricity shall bring a great benefit to us.


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Written by   37
5 months ago
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