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2020 worst year

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3 months ago

last day of September tomorrow is October near the end of the year 2020 the year full of the tragedy took place in the world.this is probably the worst year especially the outbreak of coronavirus news almost all over the world was hit by a deadly virus many people died.

most say that entering the year 2020 is not good, "Ominous" it means that there will be worse tragedies to the eruption of the indigenous volcano many poor people lost their homes and livelihoods many animals also died.

recently reported widespread fires in napa California due to climate change could not stop the spread of the fire the whole environment and the sky looked orange.

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another tragedy happened to the famous and well-known basketball player. kobe bryant and his 13 years old daughter gigi many were saddened by the bad news that the helicopter crashed many fans sympathized and mourned for that happened.I never thought that would be the last game of the father and daughter.

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