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Where Was I?

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5 months ago

Hello community. It's been almost 2 months since i last published an article.
I don't know if Rusty will still remember me. I hope he will, but it's still okay if not.
So, where was I for the past month, weeks and days?

I was inactive here but not in If you are one of my followers/subscribers (@obscurebox) you'll probably knew what I am upto for the past weeks.
I think I've mentioned about it before in one of my articles, that I started with my arts and crafts business. Yes, Finally I started selling my crafts.

It was not really my plan and intention to sell resin crafts. I love the process of resin crafting, but selling the crafts was not my priority. I guess, God had a different plan for me.
From Initial plan of selling handpainted tote bags, I found myself making customized resin crafts first. I started investing in different moulders, epoxy resins and other needed materials for resin crafting. I incurred alot of expenses but that's totally fine since it's part of the journey. I received orders every week and every other week, and honestly I am not earning much but I am happy that I am able to share my crafts. I am more than happy knowing that I am currently doing what I love to do and for now that's enough to keep going. I hope in another article I can elaborate the crafts that I made.

Making Handpainted canvas tote bags was the plan since 2020. I invested in different sewing machines way back then, from mini portable machine and now I currently have a Singer Fashionmate portable sewing machine which is more better in sewing thick fabric like canvas. The plan was delayed, I wasn't that confident with my stitches. After I launched my resin crafts, I got the confidence to finally release my tote bags. I made 3 handpainted designs and I am so glad that I was able to sell 3 bags. 3 person trusted me and bought my tote bags that's a great achievement for someone like me.

Right now, my arts/crafts business is not like other businesses who are getting orders daily. Even if i am not getting orders regularly, I am still quite busy exploring and improving myself in arts and crafting (busy in daydreaming as well), and that's one of the reason why I stopped writing. I am focusing more on my crafts and passion (on something that I am good at). I am also weighing things, figuring out my future and my plans ahead.
I am trying to make the most out of everyday, tho sometimes I am not at my best everyday.

I am writing this to remind myself that it's okay to take a break from the things that wasn't our priority. Writing may not for me but I'll still try to do it if I'll get the chance.

So again, Where Was I?
I was busy figuring out life. 😉

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Written by   24
5 months ago
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Keep it up, tomorrow is another day to overcome.

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5 months ago

Thanks dear! Thanks for your support always despite of me being inactive. Yeah, tomorrow will be another chance to make things work.

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5 months ago