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Reconnected Once Again

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3 months ago

Once again, I was inactive for a month both at Read and Noise. Writing articles here in Read is seasonal for me. There were days that I can write daily and every other day, but most of the time I can't. I always had a month interval on my published articles. Honestly, I find it fascinating that people can consistently write something worthy in a day to day basis. I guess they are really into writing or their life might be interesting and worth sharing.

There are a lot of things, happenings and feelings that I wanted to write and share for the past days, but I just can't find the right words or even construct the sentences that will accurately described everything. I supposed to write this on the 1st day of March, but took me quite a while to do so.

Like what the title suggest "Reconnected", It's simply about being reunited with my old friends/former officemates and as well as being back into writing again. I wanted to share also some of significant things that happened recently, and I did for the past weeks.

I am a Godmother 🥂

Since the start of lockdown that happened last March 2020, I haven't seen any of my officemates(now former officemates)in personal. We were in a work from home setup so we do meetings virtually. Even after losing my job, We weren't able to meet. It's just recently when I was able to meet two of my closest friends (Ms. Yonnee and Gelo my former officemates). I was invited to become a Godmother to Ms. Yonnee's daughter and last March 1 was the Christening Day of my Goddaughter.

Ms. Yonnee's family picture before the ceremony.

It was a fine and solemn day. Only few of us were at the Church. After the Christening Ceremony, we ate an unlimited grilled meat and shabu-shabu, and went to a Coffee Shop nearby. We have so much of catching up to do's, 2 years is quite long. We talked about alot of personal things, about life, lovelife, work and plans.

Unli meat and shabu-shabu day

I also made a personalized gift to my cute goddaughter.

Joining An Art Exhibit

I guess, one of the dreams of an Artist is to have their own Art Exhibit. As a self-proclaimed Artist I am dreaming of it also. As of now I am still far from achieving that dream, but I already started taking a small steps towards that goal by joining a group Art Exhibit.

A High School batchmate invited me to join a Group Art Exhibit to be held next month. I did not hesitate to join. Being part of an Art Exhibit is already a big opportunity for small artist like me. It's a great exposure and experience as well to be sorrounded by some Professional Artists. I've only paid P350(7$) for the participation fee and I can submit upto two paintings. The Gallery Curator will promote my paintings. Every sold paintings they will have a 30% share of the price.

The deadline of the submission of paintings will be on March 28,2022. I hope I'll be able to finish my paintings before that. I can't wait to share and write my experiences about this event. I will make a separate article about this particular journey.

Job Hunting Days

I've mentioned about it before, that one of my plans is to start applying for a corporate job. Last month and for the past days I started applying in different companies. For weeks of applying, I haven't receive any call or interview invitation yet. At first, it made me sad coz I feel like I wasn't given a chance to prove myself. I even received 2 rejection messages, so I was not able to advance into interview stages.

For a moment I did regret not looking for a job earlier, I should have done it last year. But then, I realized that everything that happened is part of a big and better plan. Our ways will not always work most of the time but God's way and plans will never disappoint us.

I just can't wait to share some good news. I am just so glad that everything is now started to go as planned.

It feels so good to be back here. I'll try to be more interactive from time to time.

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Written by   24
3 months ago
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A new series ahead, I cant wait, best of grace. n_n

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3 months ago

Thank you! I hope everything will start to fall into places. 😊

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3 months ago