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Caring for our sacred temple

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1 year ago

In recent days I wrote a post titled "We are more than a physical body", in which I reflect on our energetic nature that transcends the dimensions of the physical body.

In the comments @iamheavenbound asked me an excellent question, which inspired this post today. The question was: 

"Indeed. we are more than our bodies but we still have to take care of this body right?"

My answer: absolutely yes! and I would like to take the next few lines to talk more about it.

Our body is the physical vehicle that was given to us to live this earthly experience, its optimal functioning depends on whether we have a better or worse experience and I feel that we came to life to "be happy" and find fulfillment in what we do, therefore, having a body in good condition will help us considerably to achieve that purpose.

I must confess that when I started in the holistic world to learn these energetic topics I had a confusing moment because I thought that the most important thing was to feed the mind, the intellect, to look for that wisdom, then I changed that paradigm and looked for that sense of evolution concentrated only in the Spirit and the connection with more subtle planes. 

Then I realized that I was in an extreme that I was forgetting an important part of me: my Body! and all that this physical dimension represents (prosperity, personal bonds, aspirations, etc.).

From there I undertook a journey of encounter again with my body and this earthly experience, I met Biodanza, a system that shows you the possibility to connect with your instincts, with the pleasure and enjoyment of this existence from the wonderful biology that we are. 

I learned to love my body as the wonderful Temple that it is, to be grateful for its existence and to take care of it in the best way, I am still in this diligence, learning to feed myself better, to recognize its signals, to listen to its messages.

All this without forgetting that we are more than this physical body, looking for that balance that takes me to the middle point without living in extremes, appreciating every experience and every moment lived.

I believe that the key is to look for that middle point, not to believe that we are only a body and to focus only on the material, forgetting that there are other important aspects that shape us as a Being. Neither should we go to the other extreme of believing that we are only Spirit and because we want to walk in the clouds we forget about the body, and do not attend to its needs or take care of it.

Perhaps we give more importance to the physical plane because it is what we can control in a certain way (although it is not entirely true), and therefore, depending on how we take care of our physical body, it will be healthier or not, and this in turn will depend on our lifestyle, eating habits, the practice of physical exercises, rest, cleanliness, among many other aspects.

However, our body is also influenced by our thoughts, our beliefs, our emotions, which is why I insist on the importance of finding that middle ground, because depending on the type of thinking we have, our emotions will be affected and these in turn will end up affecting our body, positively or negatively.

Maybe I will change my mind later, but this is what resonates with me the most at the moment. I really like a quote from Osho that best illustrates this idea: 

"The conscious man lives in the body, loves his body, takes care of it but knows that it is not his body. He knows that there is something in him that will survive death and that it is eternal, time cannot destroy it. He has come to know this because he has been able to enter into his own Being".

That is why for me the Body is my temple, and I take care of it as that sacred space that it is for my life (although I am still changing many habits - especially eating), but I seek to maintain that point of balance that connects me with the other aspects that transcend this physical plane.

Grateful for your support and comments! 🙌✨

See you soon

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Written by   47
1 year ago
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Wow. You inspired me more to really take care of this temple. I am learning a lot with your articles.

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1 year ago

Glad to read this! Thank you so much for being the inspiration for this article 🙏🏻🤗

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1 year ago

We must give importance to what deserves importance. We have a powerful mind that we must take care of, but if we do not take care of the container where that powerful mind is, everything will be lost.

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1 year ago

It couldn't be better said! 😃 Thank you for adding value to my posts with your comments

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1 year ago