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What is the Appropriate Age to Retire

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In my home country, the retirement age is 60 years. Do you think a person can not work after 60 years of age? If people are physically and mentally fit, they can work even after reaching 60 years of age. If you look around, you can see even people at the age of 80 still working. If you don't believe me do a Google search about Joe Biden's age and Nancy Pelosi's age. US President is 79 years old whereas US speaker of the house is 82 years. The retirement age was created in order to create working opportunities for young people. When you are working online, there is no one to make you forcefully leave your work or retire from your work. You can continue working as long as you are healthy to work. If your sights are good, if you can type well, if you are still good at what you do, you can work online.

I am a freelancer and I plan to work as long as my health permits. Even if I had a job, I don't think I would retire early. In my country, the retirement age is 60 years, if I had a job and if I had to retire at the age of 60, I think I would join another company and continue working. If no one hired me I would start a business. However, there are conditions attached to continuous work. First and foremost, I must be in a condition to work, I mean I should be physically and mentally fit to work, secondly, the pay should be better because I cannot risk my health in my old age by working for peanuts. 

At What Age Should You Stop Working?

Working for me is not just about making money, it is also about remaining physically and mentally fit. My father retired at the age of 60 from his teaching job. Since he had nothing to do, he started feeling bored. Then one day I discovered that he was addicted to gambling, he even picked up drinking. His children decided to get him engaged with some work. That's how we found him a salesman job in a company founded by his daughter's husband. He is still working at 72 years of age.

Old age means you do not have the physical strength to work for long hours, old age means you are battling health issues, therefore, you cannot work. In your old age, you can no longer work, yet you need more money to live than at your young age (because you need to pay for medical bills and health care is very expensive). If you retired from a high-paying job in a big company, you might have received a lot of retirement benefits which can help you live comfortably well. If you had bought a term life insurance policy, it can help you manage your finance in your old age. If these are not enough to support you and you are in need to make money, you can try the following things:

Join a new company: Old age means you have many years of experience, and you can use that experience to get a new job, possibly a desk job where you do not have to do anything except give financial advice, legal advice, marketing advice, business advice if these are your niches. 

Invest in property: You can also invest in property and earn money from rental.

Preparing For Your Retirement: Building a Pension Fund

You need to remember one simple truth about a pension. Pension is the money you receive after retirement. Even though some companies have the provision to give your entire pension money, pension is, in most cases, received just like salary, every month, or every 3 months, or even every 6 months. By the time you retire and become eligible for a pension, you will be at least 60 years of age. In my country, you will have to retire after 20 years of working or by the time you reach 60 years. When you are 60 years of age, do you think you are capable of doing business? Well, you might be very healthy for your age, and capable to work long hours, but think another way around, what if your business failed and you lost your investment. Now, you are not in a position to pay for your food or pay your bills. You should never start a business after retirement by using your retirement funds. I think the safer way is to put your money in an interest-bearing account and earn interest in your savings. Likewise, if your company does not have a provision for pension, you should start building up your pension funds.

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Written by   165
1 month ago
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In my humble opinion, no age is appropriate to stop working. Maybe, only health, i.e., mental and physical abilities, decide the time to retire from the works of life.

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