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What is Career Counseling and Why You Need to Get Career Counseling

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Career counseling is very important. However, this should be done when you are trying to enroll in a college and not after you completed your education. For the development of your career, you need to study the right subject. You will have to choose the subject right after you complete high school. It might be quite impossible to build your career in a subject that you never studied. For example, if you never studied language and literature it might be quite difficult to build your career in writing (because you will lack skills and knowledge in language and literature). If you plan to become a marketer, you should study marketing in college. It will be easier for you to build a career in marketing if you have an academic qualification in the relevant subject. That's why you need a mentor when you are trying to enroll in a college and do not know which subject you should study.

The Issue of Unemployment

Before you address the issue of unemployment, you will have to categorize unemployment into two groups, one, those who are unemployed despite being educated and skilled, and two, unemployed because of a lack of skill and education. The second case is understandable because when you do not have the skill and do not have education, how can you get hired (because every job needs either skills or education, even manual labor needs skills). When people are unemployed despite being educated and skilled, this is a great loss not only for those people who spent many years acquiring education and skills but also for the nation as well. However, this problem persists because there are not many employment opportunities, not many jobs in the country. This is due to the fact that there are not many companies, not many industries creating job opportunities in that country. Developing nations and underdeveloped nations do not have developed industrial or business sectors, therefore, there are not many jobs.

Getting a Better Paying Job

Just answer me this question: Do you want to work in menial jobs and receive a low salary, or work in high-paying jobs? I am sure you chose the second option. Now answer another question. What do you need in order to work in high-paying jobs? You need knowledge and skills. How do you get knowledge and skills? Well, you build your knowledge and skills through education and training. If you started working when you are still at school would you be able to devote your time to studying and building your knowledge and skills? I guess you know the answer. If you want to build a solid career, you need a solid foundation. You can build a solid foundation only when you devote yourself to education and training. You cannot work and study at the same time and excel in both areas, you need to choose one and I suggest you choose education.

Apart from education and skills, you also need interest in your chosen career

I once wanted to become a graphic designer because graphic designing was a very lucrative career, however, when I started learning graphic designing, I could not master the skills because I was not very interested in the field. Therefore, your interest in a particular field also determines your professional success. For example, you do photoshop but if you are not interested in graphic designing, you cannot become a successful graphic designer. I have some photoshop skills. Just because I have photoshop skills does not help me to become a graphic designer because I am not very passionate about graphic designing.

Three Skills That Will Help You Build Your Career

Public Speaking: If you do not know how to speak in public spaces, you will never succeed in your life. When you are shy and blush everything you try to open up, you will not be able to tell people how much you know or what you can do. Thus, you have no chance of excelling in your career. IT is not difficult to learn public speaking, just try talking into the mirror.

Time Management: The ability to manage your time means the ability to manage your life. You will have to learn how to schedule, how to prioritize tasks, how to make a calendar etc. If you can manage time, you will have more spare time to explore other things in life.

Personal Finances: Your knowledge and skills in managing your debit and credit score, income and expenses, investment, and saving will make or break your life. Managing and organizing your money will open so many doors for you.

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Written by   165
1 month ago
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Those 3 skills are really very important to build a career. Education, skills, interest and your eagerness will help you reach your goal.

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