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Want to Learn to Code? Tips to Get Started as a Programmer

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Want to Become a Programmer? The Best Platforms to Learn to Code

Zero to Mastery ( is an online course platform you can learn anything from Business, Lifes kills, and Design, to Coding, Web3, and Blockchain. The courses are taught by professionals, therefore, if you graduate from a course, you have a high chance of getting hired as a programmer. The platform even provides a course on how to master the “coding interview” and get a job. The courses are focused on learning, doing a project, and then getting hired. The people who learned on this platform have been hired by big companies like Tesla, Amazon, Google, etc.,  or have started their own businesses. There is even a discord community between instructors and learners. This is yet another good platform to learn to code. The best thing about this platform is this is specifically built for people who want to learn to code. All the courses available are programming-specific. If you want to learn to code, but cannot pay money, you need to try this platform.

Want to Learn To Code? Try These Programming Languages

Generally speaking, people believe coding is a difficult skill. Well, that’s not true. Coding is difficult only for those who are not interested in coding. If you have an interest and if you spend time learning, it is easy to become a programmer.

Learning to code begins by learning programming languages. Here are languages you can start learning in order to become a programmer. You will find these languages extremely useful.

Python: Python is easy to learn, it takes all the workload. Python is a very useful language as it is used in numerous applications and programs.

JavaScript: One of the most popular programming languages, JavaScript is used in all browsers.

Java: Java is one of the most desired programming languages in jobs. Java is tougher to learn compared to other programming languages, but you will like it even though its is complex.

Go: Go from Google is one of the fastest-growing programming languages. It is known for simplicity and power.

C-sharp: This programming language is similar to java, it is mostly used in gaming and backend server infrastructure.

How to Learn to Code? Tips to Get Started as a Programmer

Everyone agrees that coding is a profitable career, however, a lot of people are afraid to learn to code because they believe coding is a very difficult skill and knowledge.

Stick to a single language: As a beginner, you will be overwhelmed with the languages, and you will be flitting from one programming language to another language. This will hinder you from progressing.

Stop worrying about breaking things: Breaking code is a part of the job, therefore you should not be hesitant to try new things. It is ok to break the code.

Work on your own ideas: you should work on your own project instead of just focusing on the tutorials. Tutorials are great but focusing too much on tutorials will stop your ability to solve issues

Join the coding community: Having someone to rescue you when you are stuck will be a great advantage. Therefore join the coding community on the web. Having partners and friends is better than doing everything by yourself.

How to Build Future Web as a Programmer

We are using web 2.0 websites. Sadly, in web 2.0, you don’t own your content, the entire internet sphere is controlled by a few companies (for example Google, Facebook, etc.). Enter Web 3.0, where you are not only the owner of the content you create but also a part of the internet owned by a community (decentralization).

If this all sounds interesting to you, you need to build your career in web 3.0. How do you get started?

Thirdweb is a platform that helps you to build decentralized applications like decentralized autonomous organizations, NFTs, marketplaces, and games with digital economies. The best thing is it is completely free and you own all the contracts you deploy.

You can use thirdweb even for quick projects like connecting wallet button or having an NFT-based discord membership, there is documentation that will help you get started fast

If you want to get started in web3, thirdweb is the best platform.

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Written by   165
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