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Strategies to Make a Full-Time Income on Youtube

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Video content creation for youtube, tiktok, facebook reels, and Instagram reels is the most creative way to make money online. First of all, you don't have to spend a lot of money on equipment, you can start with your phone, not just for posting videos, but also for shooting videos. Secondly, you don't need a lot of skills, all you need to know is basic video-making skills. Thirdly, a lot of free resources are available for video editing and video making, therefore, creating videos is just like snapping fingers. However, you do not become a sensation overnight, you will have to consistently publish videos.

If you are thinking to get into video content creation, you can try multiple platforms, however, if you want to choose one platform, that will be of course Youtube. In my opinion, youtube is the best way to build residual income, however, before you can earn residual income from youtube you might have to work 5-6 months for free.

Want to Excel on Youtube, Learn Video Editing

If you want to become successful on youtube, you need to become a great content creator, you need to create general interest content that will get you tons of views. However, in order to create great content, you need to have great content ideas and also execute your idea on the video. There is one exception to this. You can become successful on youtube without creating your own content. All you need is your video editing skills. If you can edit videos, you can easily create your own original videos with a few tweaks. You can edit movie clips, song clips, creative common videos, etc. However, you also need to add enough original content to the edited videos because if your videos do not contain enough original content, youtube will demonetize your videos.

You can make the edited videos your own original videos by adding text, and sound effects, merging with other videos, dueting videos, adding visual effects, etc. If you are a good video editor, you can create amazing videos.

How to Make Money From Youtube

If you want to earn more money from your videos, you should not only create videos on topics with high CPM rates but also get traffic from high-tier countries. Even when the topic is high CPM, you might not earn as much money when you are receiving most of your traffic from the US compared to the traffic from Nigeria. Earning depends on your niche as well as traffic location. Just because you are using topics with a high CPM rate you will not be earning a high CPM for your videos, you also need traffic from higher-tier countries and you need substantial traffic. Therefore, you need to remember these two things if you want to earn more from youtube. Some topics can get you a lot of views, for example, a cooking channel gets a lot of views, and some topics can earn you a lot of money, for example, you can earn more from business topics.

How to Get Higher CPM on Youtube

Youtube is one of the best ways to make money online provided you have the skills to make videos. However, when you are just starting it is very difficult to get views and even so make money. Therefore, you will have to try creating videos on certain niches and topics that have a higher potential to make money. Earning higher means you get a higher CPM. Some people have reported that they are earning $4 per 1000 views, however, some YouTubers have also said that they are earning $38 per 1000 views. Therefore, in order to earn more, you need to try topics and niches that bring your higher CPM.

Even when you are trying to earn from affiliate marketing from your videos and sponsorships, the topics that bring you higher revenue from Adsense will also make you more money with affiliate marketing and sponsorship.

Watch videos where YouTubers reveal their earnings, see what they are doing to make more money, and try to create videos on the topics that are getting higher CPM.


Youtube is undoubtedly the best method to make money online. You do not have to spend any money, yet you have the potential to make a lot of money. However, the major problem with youtube is it takes really long time to start making money. It might even take more than 6 months just to get your channel monetized by google ads. You also need to be highly skilled in multiple disciplines, for example, video making and animation, SEO and Digital Marketing, etc.

One of the easiest ways to make money on youtube recommended by so-called youtube gurus is by downloading creative commons videos and then re-uploading them. However, when people start using this method, they end up losing their account, never getting monetized, or getting demonetized. Instead of looking for easy methods, try legit money-making methods. For instance, instead of just re-uploading videos, try editing these creative commons videos by adding substantial original content

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