Pros and Cons of Making Money on Microjob Sites

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You can make money online through various methods, some of these methods require you to have extensive skills and knowledge, and some online jobs can be done with moderate skills, likewise, some jobs can be done without any skills.

You can make a lot of money through web design and development, however, you need elaborate skills in programming.

Blogging and vlogging can also make you a lot of money, nonetheless, you need moderate skills like writing, SEO, and digital marketing.

You can also make money online through posting on paid to post forums, get paid to sites, as well as micro job sites. These methods of making money online can be done even if you are a beginner and do not have any skills

What Are Micro-Job Sites?

As the name suggests, micro-job sites are the online job platforms where you can work on small jobs. Small jobs are the jobs that take 3-30 minutes and can earn you 3-15 cents. Some micro jobs can take even 60 minutes and can earn you up to $5.

·         Micro jobs are considered one of the best ways to make money online because...

·         You don’t have to spend a lot of time doing these tasks.

·         You don’t need elaborate skills and knowledge to do these jobs.

·         You don’t need to compete for jobs or sell your services just like on freelancing platforms.

·         You can start working immediately and make money immediately.

·         You don’t need any experience. You can work on micro jobs even when you have never worked on similar jobs.

Micro Job Sites You Can Try to Make Money Right Now

Here are some popular options for Micro jobs:

·         mTurk: This is a micro-job platform from Amazon. The full name of the program is Amazon Mechanical Turk. The program is not available globally but you can check it you have access to this program.

·         Clickworker: If you can proofread, test apps, record audio, record video, take photo, etc. this platform is for you. You can even use the platform as a smartphone app (available on Android and iOS).

·         Sproutgigs: Formerly Picoworkers, Sproutgigs is a popular micro job site. You can do all sorts of jobs, from video watching to following social media pages, signing up to website, downloading and installing apps, reviewing apps, visiting websites, etc. Sproutgigs also has a freelancing programs where you can list your gig and make money by selling your gigs. You can sell all sorts of gigs, from writing and translation to graphic designing and web designing.

·         Microworkers: You can earn from tasks like blog commenting, video commenting, visiting blogs and videos, signing up on a website etc. Most of the jobs tale 3-10 minutes to complete and you earn 5-6 cents per task on average.

Other micro job sites that need mention are Rapidworkers, Jobboy, Inbox Dollars, GigBucks, etc.

How to Make Money on Micro-job Sites?

The first requirement of making money from micro job site is of course joining the site and start working on the available jobs.

Let’s say you joined Sproutgigs. As a worker you will immediately have access to different kinds of jobs from visiting a website to downloading and installing apps. The minimum you earn from the task is 3 cents, however, the average payment per task is around 8 cents. You will have to follow the instructions and do the job properly and submit the required proof. Once the proof is submitted, employer will rate your job. If you are rated positively, amount money will be credited to your account immediately.

The same method works for most micro job sites including Microworkers as well as Rapidworkers.

If you don’t do the task accordingly or do not submit complete proof, your task will be rated not satisfied and you will not receive credits for your job. Sometimes the employer will rate you wrongly. In that case you can appeal and send a support ticket. If you were actually wrongly rated, you will receive credits for your tasks.

Different micro job platforms have different kind of payment option and minimum withdrawal threshold, however, in most cases withdrawal threshold is at least $5 and you get paid through paypal, crypto, skrill, airtm, wise, etc.

Some micro-job sites require you to receive a certain number of positive ratings in order to reach a higher level and have access to high-paying jobs.

Some micro job sites, sproutgigs for example, will allow you to sell your own gigs if you reach higher levels by receiving a certain number of positive ratings. When you do micro jobs on SproutGigs you earn a few cents, however, when you sell gigs., you can earn $5 from a single gig.

Pros and Cons of Making Money on Micro Job Sites

Micro job sites allow anyone to earn a few cents by doing a small task that takes just about 3-5 minutes. Some tasks that take 15-30 minutes can pay you 10-15 cents. Some micro job platforms have even modified themselves as freelancing platform where you can sell your services just like on freelancing marketplaces like Fiverr. While freelancing platforms are competitive, offering gigs and services on micro job sites can be more fruitful because the platforms are not saturated yet.

Does this mean micro job sites are the best platforms to make money online?

·         You sell your logo service on Fiverr, or work on a writing job on Upwork and easily make $ 10-$15 from a single job or assignment. However, you will have to do 50-100 tasks on Sproutgigs, Microworkers, etc. to make that amount.

·         Well, you might earn better rates on Fiverr or Upwork, however, selling your gigs or getting approved for jobs on Upwork is not easy. Nonetheless, on micro job sites, you can work as soon as you register on the site and start earning immediately. Thus, your chance of earning on micro job sites is more compared to a freelancing platform.

·         Most online jobs and money-making methods require you advanced skills, for example, blogging requires writing, SEO, and marketing skills. However, don’t need skills for micro job sites. You don’t need any skills to follow social media pages, watch videos, download and install apps, write two lines reviews, etc.

·         The jobs on micro job sites are repetitive and you will soon burn out. You will be doing the same kind of jobs for multiple employers and you might get bored.

·         Payment is so small that even making $10 can take forever.

Should You Really Work on Micro Job Sites?

It is really difficult to give a YES or NO answer. You will have to analyze your skills and available time to get a proper answer.

·         You can work on micro jobs as a side hustle if you are already occupied full time and do not want to burn yourself with complicated tasks. Micro jobs are so easy to do that you can even work while watching football.

·         If you want to make a lot of money, you should never try micro jobs because you cannot earn even $ 50 in one month.

·         If you do not have professional-level skills, you can try micro jobs for easy money.

Using Micro Job Sites for Your Own Small Jobs

You can use micro job sites not only to make money but also to hire workers to work on your small jobs. For instance, if you want to build your Twitter followers, Facebook Likes, Youtube subscribers, etc. you can use micro job sites. You can also use micro job sites to drive comments on your videos or blog posts. You can use micro job sites to build subscribers to your services. If you want to build referrals for any programs, micro job sites are the best platform to recruit referrals.

Making Money on Micro Job Sites: Conclusion

Micro jobs are good for beginners but you should not stay with micro jobs forever, as you continue to work on micro jobs you should build your skills and look for better opportunities online.

You can also use micro job sites when you have spare time. For instance, as you wait for someone to hire you on Fiverr or Upwork, you can continue to work on Sproutgigs and make some cash.

If you are blogging and vlogging, you don’t blog or vlog 24 hours, right? You can continue to work on micro job sites when you are not working on your blog posts or videos.

Some micro jobs also have referral program and you can make money by referring users to the site.

Micro jobs are good method to earn extra money but not an appropriate way to make real money.

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