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Blogging is a long-term commitment, you will have to regularly write and publish, and you will have to work regularly on your blog and do SEO and digital marketing. It takes a long time for your blog to make money. Sometimes you might not even be able to make money despite doing everything you know about blogging.

5 Profitable Niches for High Paying Blog

If you want to blog for money, you need to choose niches that can bring a lot of traffic as well as generate revenue. That will happen only when you use topics that get a lot of search hits on search engines and keywords that receive high CPC rates. Here are 5 blog topics that not have a high probability of receiving traffic but also earn better

1.      Personal finance and investing: Money is a major driving force for people. That’s why there is a great interest in the topics of personal finance and investing niches like making money, saving money, budgeting, retirement planning, and investing.

2.      Health and wellness: Health and wellness is also a general interest topic because people are very much concerned with improving their well-being and wellness. Therefore, you can try blogging on fitness, nutrition, mental health, healthy eating, natural remedies, etc.

3.      Technology: You can blog on software, hardware, the internet, gadgets, etc. This niche is good if your aim is to make a lot of money through affiliate marketing.

4.      Business and entrepreneurship: It does not matter how much people earn, what matters is they need more money. Therefore, blogging on business and entrepreneurship is highly profitable.

5.      Travel: When you blog on this niche, you not only get high-paying contextual ads from ad networks but can also earn a lot of money by promoting travel-related products.

How to Start a Blog in Health and Fitness Niche

Health and fitness is a very lucrative niche for blogging. That’s because health and fitness topics are extensively searched online and advertisers pay high CPM rates for advertising in this niche. Therefore, if you want to start a blog on this niche you will be on the profitable side. However, you might be wondering about what topics to cover.

Here are some interesting topics:

Create a workout plan based on the goals. You can even share your own workout routine.

You can review health and fitness products and even monetize with affiliate links.

Share meal plans and diet tips based on your personal experience.

You can even write about workout clothes.                  

Plan your content ahead and gradually publish your posts.

How to Start a Blog on Travel Niche

One of the main benefits of blogging on a travel niche is you can sell affiliate products. Travel topics are always trending on search engines, therefore, travel niche blogs can be really profitable.

A lot of people believe that you need to be a traveler to become a travel writer/blogger. Well, being a traveler definitely helps, however, you can still start a travel blog even when you don’t do a lot of travel.

You can write about must-see attractions in certain places. You can write about how to take the best travel videos and photos. You can even write about how to take the best selfie while traveling.

You can write about itineraries as well as restaurants and hotels.

How to Start a Blog on Finance Niche

Finance is one of the most lucrative blog niches for two reasons, one, it gets a lot of searches on Google, and two., it also gets high CPC rates from advertisers. If you have knowledge of Finance topics, you can explore this niche to make money as a finance blogger.

You can share budget advice. If you offer free templates for budgeting, you have a high chance of pulling traffic from social sites and search engines.

You can review financial products so that you offer informed choices for your readers.

Offer insights on investing, personal finance, and money management.

Try a side hustle and share your experience.

Blog Ideas for a Personal Blog

A personal blog is a blog where you share your own experience, knowledge, dreams, and aspirations in order to motivate, inspire, and inform people. A personal blog does not mean you share what you ate for breakfast, a personal blog is a blog where you share how to prepare breakfast for a college student, or how to make keto breakfast.

In your personal blog, you can talk about your goal and how you achieved it.

You can write about your mistakes and what you learned from your mistakes.

You can also answer questions that are frequently asked on the internet.

You can talk about things people need in order to become successful in life.

How to Start a Blog on Business Niche

If you check keywords on keyword research tools, you will see that the keywords that get the maximum search queries are on business, investment, finance, and money-making niches. Interestingly, these topics also get a maximum budget from advertisers. If you are interested in this niche and wondering what topics to cover, here are some ideas:

In your business blog, you can share success stories, either your own story or someone else’s stories,

You can also write about business failures, how they happened, and how they can be avoided or corrected.

You can interview successful business people.

You can also write about industry news and provide your own insights.

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