Making Money Through Lifestyle Blogging and Vlogging

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How to Make Money Through Lifestyle Blogging

If you are interested in blogging, you should perhaps try lifestyle blogging. Lifestyle blogging incorporates a lot of general interest topics that cannot only get a huge readership but also earn a lot of revenue

What is Lifestyle Blogging?

Lifestyle blogging is focused on showcasing the blogger’s daily life. It could be published about a rural lifestyle or modern lifestyle, a stay-at-home individual’s life, or a corporate lifestyle. The blog will showcase articles, pictures, and even videos on personal and professional life, family and relationship, home decor and parenting, travel and wellness, etc. The primary aim is to offer inspiration and advice to the readers as well as offer a unique perspective on life and living to the reader.

Lifestyle blogging has become very popular these days because you do not need any expertise on any topic, you can show your life that might inspire others. The goal is to share your experiences, opinions, and interests with a large audience. If you follow the right strategy, lifestyle blogging can become a profitable career.

10 Topics for Lifestyle Blogging

If you are interested in lifestyle blogging here are the top 10 topics you can try.

  1. Personal finance and budgeting

  2. Business and Investment

  3. Healthy eating and nutrition

  4. Wellness and wellbeing

  5. Exercise and fitness

  6. Career development and making money

  7. Sustainable and eco-friendly living

  8. Travel and adventure

  9. Fashion and beauty

  10. Relationships and personal growth.

How to Make Money as a Lifestyle Blogger

If you want to explore lifestyle blogging, you should also learn how you can make money blogging in this niche. Here are a few ways to monetize your lifestyle blog:

Sponsorship: If you blog on travel and adventure niches, you might get sponsorship from travel companies. If you blog on fashion and beauty niches, you might get sponsorship from cosmetic companies. Options are unlimited

Affiliate Marketing: You don’t have to worry if you are not getting sponsors. You can join affiliate products and promote these products.

eCommcerce: Selling your own products is another way to make money from your lifestyle blog. You can sell products in your niche.

Advertising: You can either use network ads like adsense or sell your advertising space.

Is It Easy to Make Money as a Lifestyle Blogger?

The answer depends on whether you can actually build an audience or not. You will have to bring readers from search engines as well as social media. You also need loyal readers, you will have loyal readers only when you collect emails and send marketing emails. Combining lifestyle vlogging with lifestyle blogging can also help you generate better income.

How to Make Money Through Lifestyle Vlogging

If you are planning to start creating videos and making money, you will have to find a niche that not only receives a lot of traffic but also can make a lot of money. A niche receiving a lot of traffic means people are interested to watch content on that topic, and a niche making a lot of money means advertisers pay more money to advertise on that topic.  There are a lot of niches that you can try but based on my observation, experience, and research, I think Lifestyle Vlogging is more profitable.

What is Lifestyle Vlogging

Lifestyle vlogging is an activity where video creators share their life and activities. They show their daily routines and personal and professional life. Lifestyle vlogging is all about showing the personal side of the content creator. Lifestyle vlogging incorporates various topics such as personal finance, wealth and wellness, fashion and beauty. The idea is to inspire and inform people all the while entertaining them.

As a lifestyle vlogger, you can post content on youtube, tiktok, Instagram, and Facebook Reels.

10 Niches for Lifestyle Vlogging

Lifestyle is a generic term that includes a lot of topics that are directly related to life and living. Here are some of the profitable topics you can try for your lifestyle vlogging. If you are interested in more than one topic and if you have skills and expertise on those topics, you can try lifestyle vlogging on multiple topics

  1. Personal finance and budgeting

  2. Travel, adventure, and outdoor activities

  3. Self-improvement and personal development

  4. Food and cooking

  5. Home decor and organization

  6. Fitness and wellness

  7. Beauty and fashion

  8. Technology and gadgets

  9. Parenting and family

  10. Business and Investment

The Best Platform for Lifestyle Blogging: TikTok, Youtube, or Reels

As mentioned above, you can try lifestyle vlogging on various video-sharing platforms. However, if you are attempting vlogging for the first time, you might be confused about the right platform for your lifestyle vlogging.

TikTok, Youtube, Racebook Reels, and Instagram Reels are all good for lifestyle vlogs. However, you need to understand certain things about these platforms in order to become successful.

TikTok is best for short-form, creative, and trending content. TikTok also has a young audience, your content must appeal to the young audience.

YouTube is best for informative and educational content.

Reels (Instagram and Facebook) are best for visually-appealing content with a focus on engagement.

Becoming successful also depends on how good you are at building followers and how skillful you are at creating video content.

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