Making Money as a Graphic Designer or a Digital Artist

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Want to Make Money Online? Learn Graphic Designing and Become a Digital Artist

If you want to become successful online, one skill that you need to have no matter what you do is graphic designing. Let me exemplify.

If you want to make money selling digital products, you need graphic designing skills to create calendars, digital planners, workbooks, SVG files, social media templates, wall art, digital art, NFT, etc.

If you want to start an online business, you need graphic designing skills to create marketing materials such as logo, posters, flyers, banners, etc.

If you want to work as a marketer, you need graphic designing skills to create not only social media posts but also other marketing materials.

If you know graphic designing, you can not only work as a graphic designer and make money through 99Desgn, Fiver or Upwork, but also teach graphic designing on skillshare or Udemy and make money.

Graphic designing is not only a high paying skill but also allows you to make money in numerous ways.

Making Money as a Graphic Designer

Graphic designing can be a lucrative career when you have graphic designing skills and when you know how to make money as a graphic designer. You can make money as a graphic designer in two ways, one, by selling your graphic designing services, and two, by creating products and selling your products. When you are selling your services, you basically create graphic designs for your clients (businesses and individuals). Creating products means you create T-shirt designs, fonts, social media templates, digital arts, etc, and make money from these products. There are a lot of marketplaces where you can sell your products. You can build a business by selling your products. You can also create NFTs and sell them through NFT marketplaces. If you do not know how to create NFT, you can just use platforms like opensea.

If you are a graphic designer looking for ways to make money, here are some other methods to make money.

Freelancing platforms: You can see your graphic designing services through freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, 99Designs, etc.

Digital Products: You can create digital products such as digital arts, digital designs (T-shirts designs, for examples), printables (digital products that can be downloaded and printed, stickers, or quotes for example), downloadables (products like workbooks, note books), etc.

Teaching: You can teach graphic designing either through learning websites, or youtube. When you teach youtube you can earn from youtube monetization, or by selling subscriptions. Facebook also allows you to monetize your tutorial content. You can earn charge entry fees or subscriptions for your webinars or online classes.

Video Content: You can create videos showcasing your work and make money from video sharing platforms.

A Sure Short Method to Get Graphic Designing Jobs

A lot of people complain that despite having skills, they do not get any assignments, thus, are unable to make money as a graphic designers. Here is an easy way to get assignments and make good money as a graphic designer.

Walk down the street and see shops and businesses using poor design. It could be a logo, a banner, a sign board, a pamphlet, anything that the business or the shop is using to lure customer.  Take a picture of the material and jot down the owner’s contact address.

Go back to your studio, and design the logo, banner, sign board, etc, for the business.  Now, pitch your design to the shop owner or business owner. If you are really proud of yourself as a good designer, it is very likely that you will be hired. You can also pitch to do social media campaigns for the business to build customers, which will earn you additional income.

How to Make Money as a Digital Artist

There are numerous ways to make money by selling digital art. Here are a few options to consider:

Digital Prints: You can sell your digital arts as wall art, canvas print, poster on online marketplaces like Etsy, Fine Art America, Redbubble, Amazon, Society6, Zazzle etc. You can even sell your art  stickers, phone cases, clothing items, etc.

Digital files: You can sell your digital art as digital downloads as JPEG, PNG files, vector files, or even Photoshop files through multiple platforms like Etsy, Creative Fabrica, Gumroad, Creative Market, etc.

NFTs: NFTs are becoming very popular these days. When you sell your digital art as an NFT, you can make thousands of dollars from a single NFTs and, even hundreds of thousands from NFT collection. You can create and sell NFTs of your artwork through the marketplaces such as OpenSea, Solsea, Rarible, etc.

Digital Art services: Instead of selling your digital art, you can also take a commission from people and create digital art for them. You can find work on platforms like upwork, fiverr, etc. These services include creating portraits, book illustrations, etc. based on the client's specifications.

Teach digital art: As a digital artist, you can teach art through online learning sites like Udemy and Skillshare. You can also create tutorial videos, upload them on youtube and make money by monetizing your videos.


If you are very good at graphic designing, the best way to earn is by creating your own product. As a graphic designer you can create coloring book, sketch book, workbook, social media templates, visual ebook, etc. Selling digital products is better than selling services because in order to make money with service, you will have to work again and again, but when you sell products you make money from the same product again and again. Content writing is good you can sell your service as well as your own product (books and ebooks), If you are digital marketer, content writer, or graphic designer, you can also teach digital marketing and graphic designing through an online and make extra money.

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