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How to Become a Vlogger Without Shooting a Video

In order to become a successful vlogger, you need to be camera friendly and have the ability to speak. However, you can also try vlogging without showing your face, talking in the background, or even shooting a video.

There are a lot of stock video footage sites that will allow you to use the videos posted on their site for free (pixabay or pexels, for example). You can use stock video based on the topic of your video.

There are also sites and applications that will convert your text into speech. Some of these tools are so good that people can hardly identify these sounds as bots. You can use these programs to create narration from your text.

However, you need to be exceptionally good with editing because if you don’t edit your videos well, your videos created from stock footage will fail. You should also write correctly using proper punctuation, for the AI to narrate your text properly.

Create a Narrator-Based Video Through AI and Make Money

If you want to succeed as a video content creator, you will have to face the camera and talk to the camera. Sadly, not many people are confident doing it. If you face this situation, you can use an AI tool to create a video where a human narrates your video.

Go to Movio.LA. Upload your video script. Choose the character for your narrator. The tool will generate a video with a narrator.

This AI tool will allow you to have an AI generated face read your video script.

You can enhance your videos and make them more like human-generated content by adding stock video footage.

Using ChatGPT For Video Scripts

If you want to get started in video content creation but do not have the skills and equipment to do so, you can use AI to create videos in less than 5 minutes. You can then publish these videos and make money.

Go to ChatrGPT and give a topic for your video script.

Once you have a video script, go to Upload your script and auto-generate your text into speech.

Now, go to Upload your audio and script and hit create a video. Choose the stock video footage, stitch them together, and then create a video.

You can go to Canva and create a thumbnail for your video and once the video is done, you can publish it anywhere you want.

Make Videos By Converting Your Blogs

If you are a blogger and if you also want to get into vlogging but do not know how to get started, there is an easy to do it. You can start converting your blogs into vlogs and start making money from your videos.

In order to convert your blog posts into videos, you will need text to speech program. There are a lot of AI tools that will easily convert your text into speech with a click of a button.

Once your audio file is ready, find visuals that are appropriate for your narration. You can find a lot of stock footage sites such as Adobe stock, Pexels, Pixabay etc. Download appropriate visuals.

Use video editing software to edit your visuals and add narration to your video. You do not have to use a premium program like Adobe Premiere. You can use a free program like DaVinci Resolve.

Trim your video to less than 5 minutes because the shorter the video, the better engagement it receives.

Simple Methods to Generate Video Content

Go to and generate copy by providing a title and description. You can also generate blog post. Then go to to convert your text into videos. After your video is generated, you can post it on any platform of your choice. However, before you publish your videos go to to find keywords and use the keywords on your video title, description, and tags. Alternatively, you can first find keywords on ubbersuggest, and then generate content based on the keywords, and then convert your copy to a video and then share on social sites.

Copy, Lumen5, and Ubersuggest are free. However, they also have premium versions if you need additional features.

If you don’t have any idea about the kind of content you should create, go to and find questions related to your topic that people are searching online. You can then go to and create content around the topic.  Once the written content is ready, go to to convert your written content into video content.

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