How to Use AI Tools to Create Content

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Two AI Tools to Create Content

Instead of sitting for hours to create content (videos, articles, and graphics), you can use AI tools to create content in less than 30 minutes.  Here are three tools that you can use to create content.

Content Ideas AI: If you are a freelance content creator, you will find this AI tool very useful to generate content ideas.

Visme AI: You can use this tool to generate visual content such as presentations, infographics, etc.

Note: I am not saying you should use AI to generate content and publish them online, what I am trying to say is that you can use AI to create content and then use your own human skills and intelligence to enhance AI content.

How to Write a Book By Using ChatGPT

A lot of people are using ChatGPT to create content and publish it online. Well, ChatGPT will give you text-based answers to any question you ask but it was not created for people to generate content and then publish online. You can use this tool to create content, including ebooks and book-length manuscripts but you should stay away from publishing entire text generated by the tool. Here is how you can use ChatGPT to write a book and make money by publishing your book.

Ask ChatGPT to give you 10-20 tiles on the topic of your choice.

Choose the title you like and ask ChapGPT to write 10 chapters for the title.

Ask ChatGPT to give you outlines for those 10 chapters.

Ask ChatGPT to provide detail on the outlines generated in the previous step.

Ask ChatGPT to create chapters based on the outlines generated.

Copy paste the entire text in a document.

Now, go to a tool called This tool will humanize the content generated by AI.

Now, go to upwork and hire an editor and ask him to edit your manuscript.

Once your manuscript is ready, and formatted well, go to canva and create a cover for your book

The final step is to publish the book on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

Using AI Tools for Visual Graphic Content: NVIDIA Canvas: An AI-Based Designing Tool

Drawing and painting are essential skills to create amazing designs, however, if you do not have these skills, you might not be very good at designing. Interestingly, there is a tool called NVIDIA Canvas that uses AI to create designs. This tool will convert your simple brushstrokes into a realistic landscape like clouds, snow, grass, mountains, hills, etc.

NVIDIA Canvas has 9 different styles to modify your work into realistic painting and 25 different materials like mountains, sky, river, stone, etc. to add to your painting. You choose your palette and your simple brushstrokes will be converted into the objects of your choice. You can even save your work as a Photoshop file so that you can improve your image on Photoshop.

In order to use NVIDIA Canvas, you will have to download the program on your computer, and you need NVIDIA GeForce Graphics card. It is available on Windows and various mobile devices.

The program is free to use.

Reedsy: A Plot Generator

If you are a fiction writer who has stumbled upon writer’s block and cannot come up with a good plot or an interesting storyline, there is an AI based tool called Reedsy that generates plot for you. The tool does not create an entire book for you, it just creates a plot based on the information and instruction provides and will come up with a plot that you can use to develop your store. This tool is not a replacement for your creative genius but something to spark creativity.

How does Reedsy work?

You choose a genre and then hit generate button. In a few seconds, you will receive information on the main character, a secondary character, and the plot. If you did not like the generated characters and the plot, you can again hit generate again and again until you spot something that sparks your curiosity.

Well, Plot Generator is one of the free tools offered by Reedsy. The platform is a resource for creative writers, you can find editors and ghostwriters.

Three AI-Based Websites To Develop Your Career as a Content Creator

Here are three AI based websites that will help you in creating content, building presentations, and automate your tasks so that you can not only work easily but also help you excel in your career No matter what kind of jobs you do, you need to have presentation skills. If you know PowerPoint, you can easily create presentations but if you are not good with PowerPoint, you might find very handy. The website contains readymade templates for different kinds of presentations. This is a browser based tool to automate your simple tasks, which otherwise look complicated if you have to do at once. By using this AI tool, you can automate a wide range of activities like data entry, file management, posts tweets from google sheets, DM instagram users and like their posts, clean your Gmail inbox, etc. This is a tool to generate marketing copy in few seconds. You can also create social media content, website copy, ecommerce copy, sales copy etc. 

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