How to Use AI to Improve Your Blogging

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Blogging is one of the most profitable ways to make money online. You can make money through multiple methods such as running ads, promoting affiliate products, selling physical and digital products, as well as selling freelancing services, digital courses, subscriptions, webinars, etc. However, blogging is also a hard work, you need to continuously write articles, and do SEO and digital marketing to build traffic and revenue. Furthermore, making money is a lengthy process, it might take years before you start making money.

Three Skills Needed to Become a Blogger

Blogging can be a lucrative career only when you have skills required for blogging. Here are three essential skills to become a blogger and make money as a blogger.

Web design skills: As a blogger you need to design a blog, you also have to constantly work in the back end. Therefore, web designing skill is essential.

Writing: Blogging actually means writing and publishing online. Therefore, writing skills are essential in order to become a blogger and succeed as a blogger.

SEO and Digital Marketing: A blog needs traffic, a blogger will earn from his blog only when there is traffic. Traffic does not start pouring immediately, you need to do SEO and digital marketing in order to build traffic. While work for SEO begins from the time you start writing (you need to do keyword research and topic research), work for digital marketing starts as soon as you have published your blog post.

Content Generator That You Can Try For Free

If you use AI tools to create and build your text-based content, you will save a lot of time and effort in developing content. These tools basically cost money, but here are a few tools that you can use absolutely for free.

DeepStory: Whether you want to write a screenplay, a video script or stories of all forms and content DeepStory is for you. is an AI based content generator that you can use to create all sorts of content without having to spend time writing and or spending money to hire a content writer. This is an AI based writing tool that you can use to write marketing emails, blog posts, business pitch, business idea, copies, etc.The free version is limited but you spend less on content development even if you use the premium version. This is the platform that can be used in multiple ways, from generating written content to editing videos, creating animated videos, as well as finding premium stock videos.

How to Become a Blogger Without Writing Blogs

Blogging means you write blog posts and publish these posts on your website. You often hear that in order to become successful with blogging, you need to be a great writer. Well, having writing skills is great, however, you can try blogging even when you cannot write. You can try this through multiple methods.

One of the easiest ways is to create a multi-author blog and invite people to publish on your site. If you cannot get people to write on your site, you can hire writers to write articles on your site.

If you are short on budget, you can try AI writing tools. There are a lot of AI-based writing tools that will generate unique articles based on keyword and topic suggestions. The best thing about these tools is your article will be SEO-friendly.

Once you have a substantial amount of content, you don’t have to publish regularly, one-two articles every 2-3 months can be fine. However, you will have to work hard on building traffic for revenue generation.

How to Use Word AI to Improve Your Blog Posts

In recent times, there is an increasing use of AI tools to create blog posts. If you publish AI-generated content on third-party sites, you might be banned for using AI, however, you might still be penalized even when you publish this content on your own blog, especially by Google. Therefore, in order to avoid this from happening. You can use article rewriter tools. is one of the best article rewriter tools. It will make your AI-generated content completely human-written content. The article rewritten by is not only original that passes AI detection tools and any plagiarism checker tools but is also well-written and readable.

CopyGenius: An AI Writing Tool for Creating All Sorts of Written Content

If you are an online entrepreneur, you need skills to write product descriptions. Your product description needs to be SEO optimized so that it can be discovered and the traffic gets a high conversion. This will only happen when you can write SEO title and description, and use proper keywords in the tags. Not everyone has this skill, right?

CopyGenius ( is a writing tool aimed at online entrepreneurs to write better product description. Apart from product description, you can also use the tool to write product benefits, email subject line, social media caption, facebook and Google ad, blog outline for your content marketing, etc. 

You can start it free. The basic plat cost only $5. For SMB (small and medium businesses) the basic plan will be enough because it will allow creating 5k words but if you wish to use premium plan you need to pay $29, you also get unlimited plan for $79 per month.


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