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How to Succeed as a Content Writer

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The general rule of online writing is "do not write for search engines, instead, write for the humans". Interestingly, it is also true that if the search engines do not like your content, humans will never find your content even if your content is of high quality. The point is you need to woo search engines, as well as humans.

Book and eBook Writing

Writing a book is undoubtedly one of the best passive income methods, however, this method is available only to those...

who are very proficient in writing

who can produce high-quality books

who have expert-level writing and language skills

Let me assume you have all of the aforementioned qualities to make a book, can you make a lot of money?

Your book needs to be published by a reputed publisher and distributed everywhere, your books need to be sold in large numbers. If you are publishing online, your book needs to be well promoted through ad campaigns, your books need to be sold in large quantities.

Let me assume that you pass these requirements, how much money you can make? Normally a traditional publisher will give you 10-20 percent royalties. You can get up to 70 percent royalty from your ebooks on amazon, and you bet 20 percent commission on your paperbacks from Amazon. You will earn royalties as long as your books are selling. If you become a best seller, your books can be adapted for movies, and you will earn even more money. Bestsellers also get a huge signing amount. The key to earning passive income from books is to write very well and sell very well.


It is relatively easy to write long paragraphs, however, writing sales pitches, product descriptions and product titles is really difficult because you will have to convey the message with few words, not just free words but with a catchy phrase that uses literary devices like word pictures, alliteration, rhymes, etc. You need copywriting skills to write a good title and description for your product. You are a good article writer does not mean you will be able to write good copy. Search engine algorithm uses a lot of things to rank content, but the most important thing is the title because it always tries to display the exact search match, therefore, emphasis should be given to creating a search engine-friendly title. A search-engine-friendly title means a title that uses keywords, keyphrases, or long-tail search terms. The search engine algorithm also takes a cue from the description, therefore, you need to use keywords, keyphrases, or long-tail search terms on the description as well. You can sell your products only when your products can appear on the search engines, Even on the marketplace where you are selling your products, your products should rank high on the internal searches. The techniques for internal ranking are also similar to search engine ranking.

Editing and Translation

Translation and editing/proofreading jobs are reserved for someone with a degree in language and literature. For example, if you want to translate English from French, you need a degree in both languages. Likewise, if you want to work as an editor and proofreader, you also need a degree in your chosen language, for example, if you want to edit and proof manuscripts in the English language, you need to be an MA in English or at least a graduate in English language and literature. You cannot enroll in a short-term course, learn the language for 2-3 months and start working on these jobs, These jobs are reserved for people with academic education. However, you can work as a copywriter and article without having a degree in the language. Copywriting and article writing is all about having knowledge and skills in the chosen language. If you are a creative person and if you have a basic language and basic writing skills, you might be able to write copies and articles easily. If you want to develop skills in these areas, you can try enrolling in short-term courses and learn the skills. With persistence and hard work, you can excel.

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Written by   165
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This a great help for a beginner like me, thank you so much for this insightful article. Keep it up!

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