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How to Start Woocommerce Store

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Well, you don't need to be a web developer to build an ecommerce site. Yes, I am a web developer myself and I am telling you that you do not need to be a web developer to build an ecommerce site. There are a lot of content management systems for various niches that will help you build any kind of website you want without writing a single line of code. YOu do not have to code to build websites, you can use content management systems. As far as ecommerce sites are considered, Shopify happens to be one of the most popular ecommerce platforms, you can buy shopify subscriptions to build your own online store. If you want an ecommerce site with full control you can use wordpress with woocommerce. If you think wordpress and woocommerce are too simple for your store, you can use drupal or joomla to build your online store.

Building Onliner Store With Woocommerce

With the help of plugins, you can create any kind of website on WordPress. The best plugin to convert a wordpress site to an online store is woocommerce. It is made by the developers of wordpress and is completely free. Woocommerce can be used to create dropshipping store (you will have to use another plugin to create dropshipping store), inventory-based store, or even a digital store. However, using easy digital downloads is easy when it comes to creating a digital down store. There are a lot of other plugins you can use n order to create a digital store. One of the major issues with wordpress site is related to security issues. if you are selling items and collecting payment, your site is vulnerable to hacking. Therefore you will have to use security plugins to protect your website from unauthorized access. They also say wordpress cannot handle huge traffic.

Want to Start Dropshipping Business, Try Woocommerce

Dropshipping is the most economical way to start your own online business. You can sell goods from your website without actually spending money on inventory. When you dropship, you work with a supplier, and whenever a customer makes a purchase from your store, you provide the supplier with the shipping information and the cost price. The product is then delivered by the supplier to the customer. Your profit is the difference between your selling price and your purchase price.

There are several ways to start a dropshipping website, and using Shopify is the most common method. If you choose to use the Shopify platform you will also need to purchase store management and automation plugins in addition to the monthly Shopify subscription fees.

A less expensive option for building a dropshipping store is WordPress, and you need to use woocommerce plugin to build an online store on WordPress. The woocommerce plugin for wordpress is free, just like wordpress. With WordPress and WooCommerce, you can build a dropshipping store for free if you are manually adding the products; however, if you want to automate the store management, import products on your store, and things like that, you may need to use paid plugins. You will also be using a premium domain and hosting.

How to Use Woocommerce to Build a Print-On-Demand Store

One of the common ways to do print-on-demand business is by connecting the print-on-demand market with ecommerce marketplaces like Etsy or Ebay and selling through these marketplaces. These marketplaces have huge traffic but the major issue is you have to give them sales commission. Therefore, a better option is to integrate with wordpress website.

After your wordpress website is set up add woocommerce plugin.

Go to Printful and create an account. You can choose another print provider but I choose to go with Printful because they allow branding; you can use your branding on packaging, tags, and logo. You also get an embroidery feature. Printful have warehouse in different parts of the, however, have slower production times as they work only on weekdays and can take up to 10 days before they ship the product.

Now, go back to wordpress dashboard and install Printful wordpress plugin

Connect woocommerce to Printful. You can do this through the website dashboard.

Your own print-on-demand shop is ready. People wouldn’t know you are selling print-on-demand products.

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Wonderful and an excellent guide. Honestly speaking. I like it so much and saved/bookmarked your blog. I hope one day I will open my own dropshipping website so incan take help from it. Thifkr the guide

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