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How to Make Your Etsy Business Profitable

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I sell on Etsy, I sell all sorts of products from coffee mugs, and stickers, to T-shirts, hoodies, etc. I don't make huge sales but I do manage to make sales once in a while and generate income by selling on Etsy. I understand that selling niche products is relatively easy because your marketing is goal-focused, however, when you are selling niche products you have a limited market, and you will have limited sales. When you sell general products your market is wide and you have unlimited scope to sell. If you have a niche product, your ad campaign whether on Etsy or on other ad platforms like Google and Facebook, you can drive sales just with one ad, but since I am selling multiple products in multiple niches, I will have to run ad campaigns for a lot of products and need a lot fo advertising budget to run campaigns.

Don't Spend Money to Learn How to Make Money

When I decided to start my eCommerce business, I started checking youtube for information and ideas. There was a popular content creator I used to follow. I was so impressed that I bought an ebook on how to start selling on Etsy. When I checked the book, I found that the book did not contain any new information. In fact, there was nothing in the book that this guy had not talked on his videos. I was fooled with $10. I searched for free information online, made my own 5-point guide, and started on Etsy, RedBubble, and Printify. It took time but I managed to sell items. I also made the third mistake. I thought trending products would be easy to sell, but it was not the case.

Selling On Etsy: How Profitable It Is?

I have not sold a lot of stuff on Etsy, but I have managed to make some money. Based on my experience and research, Etsy is probably the best online marketplace to sell handmade items. First of all, they have a very low listing fee. You play only 20 cents per item, secondly, there is no monthly or annual fee, selling is free, thirdly, they have low transaction fees, just 6.5 percent, fourthly, you can sell physical items as well as digital items, fifthly, you can also sell print on demand items by connecting third-party print-on-demand marketplace.

There are a lot of selling platforms. Mercari is just like ebay for reselling items. There are numerous business opportunities on Amazon. Then there is zazzle, a platform similar to Etsy. But Etsy is best for selling physical and digital products, as well as print-on-demand products.

The Reasons Why You Are Not Generating Sales on Etsy

Not selling the trending products: Before you list your product on Etsy, you need to do research and see what products are actually selling in recent times. If your product does not match with the high-selling items in the Etsy marketplace, you might not be selling your product. For instance, if you are not selling Christmas-themed items during Christmas time, you will not be generating any sales.

Selling items in generic niche and doing generic SEO: The competition is so high that if your product is in a generic niche and if your SEO follows generic SEO strategies, you might not be selling well. A better strategy is to niche down, or cross niche. Niching down means you design your product for a specific audience.

Not making trending designs: If you check the clothing items, you will see trends come and go. Therefore, you should try to keep up with the trends to generate sales. You should create the designs that are selling.

How to Rank Your Etsy Listing High on Internal Search

If your product is not visible to potential buyers, how can you sell your product? Therefore, the key to selling your products is to rank high on internal search.

Customer and Market Experience: Etsy pushes the product that people are buying and gives positive reviews up in the algorithm. This not only applies to your single product but also to your entire Etsy shop. If you are selling well, and if you are getting positive reviews, your listing will also rank high.

Not selling the right niche: If your niche is not among the high selling niche, you might not appear in the search results. In order to get ranked for multiple categories, you need to use cross niche. Cross niche means you combine two different niches in a single product. For example, you can create T-shirts combining two themes like dogs and plants and your product will appear even when people are searching for different keywords.

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Written by   165
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