How to Make Money on Paid To Post Sites

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PTP Sites or Paid to Post sites are the sites that allow users to post articles or short posts and make money from each post. You can make money on PTP sites in various ways. On some sites, you earn a fixed amount every time you publish a post, on some sites, you earn when someone interacts with your posts, some sites allow you to earn when other users tip you, on some PTP sites you earn from revenue pool.

How I Started Using PTP Sites and Started Making Money on PTP Sites

I started posting on forums in December 2020. I first joined Forum Coin, then Beer Money Forum, Bizdustry, GPT Forum, Trendri, and Jiba (if was called Cash Time Forum back then). My Beer Money account was deleted for so-called "trash posts." I never posted on GPT forum. However, I am active on forums like Forum Coin, Bizdustry, Jiba, and Trendri.

I even write articles on Forum Coins (not everyone will be accepted to write articles on Forum Coin) These days I am not very active on Bizdustry due to time constraints but I am trying to be active on Tread Cash, Forum Coin, Jiba, and Trendri.

On Forum Coin I create 10 posts every day (sometimes a little more). On Trendri, I am creating 15 posts, and on Jiba I create 3-4 posts every day. Based on my activities in three forums, I am creating 30 posts every day. My posts on Forum Coin and Jiba are short posts, just about 20-50 words. However, on Trendri I create long posts, at least 50 words for posts and more than 150 words for threads. Sometimes I even post articles on Jiba.

Read Cash is also a paid-to-post site, where you earn from tips from other users. Every day I publish articles on Read Cash and earn Bitcoin Cash from other users' tips.

Working on PTP Sites: Can You Actually Make Money?

Yes, you can actually make money on PTP sites. Now you might want to know if I have actually made money. I have actually made money from PTP sites. Normally, I spend about 3 hours and earn about $3 per day by posting on paid-to-post sites every day. Sometimes I earn up to $5 per day when I am able to publish longer threads on Trendri or articles on Forum Coin, Jiba, or Read Cash

In the last one year, I seem to have created more than 10,000 posts on various PTP sites. Some of my posts are long posts (almost 200 words) and some of my posts are very short (just about 20 words). If I wrote 50 words per post (on average), I have written 500,000 words, which is the size of a novel. When I write articles, I write between 400-800 words. I have written over 100 articles, which means I have written about 60,000 words

In the last oneyear, I think I have earned $1200 by posting on PTP sites? I used the payment to invest in various cryptocurrencies and even earned more profits.

Making Money on Paid to Post Sites: Reason Why it is not the Best Way to Make Money Online

Is forum posting, or article publishing, the best way to make money online?

Definitely not!

First of all, you will have to write a lot. When I say write a lot, I mean a lot! If you are writing a lot, you will not only tire your fingers but also your brain because you will run out of ideas.

Secondly, the payment is very poor. If you are earning from tips, just like on Read Cash, earning is unreliable. If you are earning upfront or from the revenue pool, earning is poor.

Now, you might ask if I have a better idea?

Well, I do!

You are posting on paid-to-post sites means you are passionate about writing. Why not try to publish on KDP and make money? Or, perhaps you could start selling your writing services on Fiverr.

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There are so many sites like this. The Hive ecosystem seems to be among the best

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1 year ago

I have actually made quite a bit of money over many years using PTP sites, but how much you earn does depend on a lot of things. Sites right now that are "active" that I know about are MyLot, HubPages, and But I am sure there are many others I am not aware of such as even the ones you mentioned in your article.

It is not life changing money, but I earn way more than $3-$5 per day doing it.

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1 year ago