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How to Make Money By Reselling

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If you cannot manufacture your own product because you are not creative enough, you can try reselling products by procuring from other companies. In fact, you don't need your own product to do online or even offline business, you can try reselling products. Or, you can even invest in an existing business and become a business owner.

Reselling Old Items

I have used a couple of marketplaces to sell my old products. 

I have sold old stuff online through facebook marketplace. It is a free platform to make money by selling online. If you want to use facebook marketplace, log into your facebook account on your mobile or web and go to facebook marketplace, and create your listing. Once your listing is complete, you also get the option to boost. I suggest you use this boost option because when you post your product listing you have a better chance of selling because you can reach the buyers in a short time. However, when you are boosting your product, you need to target your ad to the potential buyers bases on demography geography, interest etc. Not a proper marketplace like ebay or Mercari, Facebook Marketplace is a good platform to resell items. Listing is free, selling is free, and you don't even have to pay transaction fees, you can receive every penny of your listing price. However, the market is competitive, you might have to pay for ads.

Even though you can sell new items on ebay, ebay is basically a platform to resell items. From old shoes to your old textbooks and notes, from your old mobile to your old car, there is nothing that can not be sold on ebay, even container homes can be sold on ebay. eBay is a good platform to sell your old stuff, but I have not used it. eBay is not  popular marketplace in my country. There are a lot of alternatives. I have used local sites like ebay to sell my old stuff.

Etsy is another great place to sell old stuff. However, you cannot sell any random old stuff, they only want product that can be categorized as vintage item (a product that is at least 20 years old).

If you want to sell old stuff, you can also try Bonanza or 1ST DIBS. These are not as popular as eBay for reselling old items but you can try these platforms.

Another eBay-like platform to resell your items is called Mercari. On this platform, you can resell almost anything. However, I do not have first-hand experience, therefore, I cannot say whether this platform is as good as ebay or not.

Private Label Rights or White Label Rights

Acquiring private label rights or white label rights and reselling the products you have the right to sell again is also a good way to make money from reselling. This is a competitive niche as a lot of people are already doing the same thing which is acquiring the private level rights or white label rights and reselling. But anyway if you want to do it, go to a supplier, order in bulk, use your own logo or brand on the products (because you are also buying private label rights or white label rights), and start selling on your own.

Reselling Hosting and Reselling Domains

Web hosting is a profitable business. With the rise of web 2.0 and now web 3.0 websites, web hosting businesses are taking giant strides. You can also make profits from this web hosting business.

How much money do you need to start a web hosting business?

Web hosting business requires a lot of money to start, you need to set up servers, hire technicians and spend a lot of money to run the servers. However, there is a web hosting business model that can be started for a low cost. Become a domain reseller and web host reseller. You can become a domain reseller for just a $25 deposit and hosting reseller with just $16 per month.

How to start a web hosting business?

Join a program that offers domain reseller. When you become domain reseller, you buy domains in bulk and resell domains to individuals. You will then have to join hosting reseller. When you join a hosting reseller, you will buy hosting accounts in bulk and then sell them to individual users.

Don't try it if you don't know this business model. In order to resell hosting, you need your own hosting company (a website that sells hosting plans), you will have to handle everything from setting up clients' hosting accounts to solving technical problems. If you do not know the technical know-how, how can you run this business? reseller hosting is just like dropshipping, you don't have to set up servers but you will be selling server space.

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Written by   165
1 month ago
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very interesting article

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1 month ago

I agree , all you've said are significant. Being a reseller is an easy way to double or sometimes you could earn alot of money. Well, let me try being a reseller cause I have alot of stuff here at home.

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1 month ago