How to Make Money as a Seller on Amazon

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One of the best ways to build online income is by using Amazon. You can either do affiliate marketing for Amazon products, publish ebooks and paperbacks and earn royalties, or start selling print-on-demand products. In order to sell affiliate products you either need a website with huge traffic or social pages with huge followers. In order to earn passive income through ebooks you need to be an exceptionally talented writer and in order to earn through print on demand you need graphic designing skills and digital marketing.

How to do Amazon Keyword Research

If you want to sell on Amazon and want to generate tons of sales, you will have to do keyword research. Doing Amazon Keyword Research means finding what products are trending on Amazon, and what keywords Amazon buyers are using on Amazon to look for the products. Keyword research will help you find keywords that you can use to do SEO on your own product listing or try selling products that are in the same niche.

So, how do you begin?

First of all, make a list of products you are trying to sell. Let’s say you want to sell a coffee maker. Enter this keyword as your primary keywords

Just omit keywords that have maximum and minimum search volume. Maximum search volume means there is too much competition and minimum search volume means there is no interest in that search term.

Now, check the competition for your moderately searched terms. Leave the keywords that are related to the brand name or company name.

Target the keywords that have less competition.

The Easiest Methods to Drive Sales as an Amazon Associate

Amazon Associate is an Amazon Affiliate Marketing program. It is free to join and you can earn  1-20 percent sales commission depending on the product. This is one of the methods available online where you can make a lot of money without spending any money. Sadly, a lot of people fail as an Associate and do not make any money. So, what is the easiest way to drive sales as an Amazon Associate?

Choose a niche, find 10 products on the niche, and then review the products, also share the affiliate links. People looking to buy products in that niche will find your content and might check products through your links.

The Easiest Ways to Sell eBooks on Amazon

KDP, the self publishing division of Amazon, is undoubtedly the best ebook and paperback publishing platform. That's because publishing is free and you can reach a global audience. Previously, KDP was primarily associated with ebook and Createspace was for paperbacks but later Amazon merged these two division and created one self publishing platform. The best thing about KDP is you can publish your paperback as an ebook and ebook as a paperback. KDP even has a free cover creation tool that will allow you to create book cover for free. You can earn as much as 70 percent royalties from your ebook, this is the highest royalty rate offered by ebook publishing platform. Sadly, selling ebooks or paperbacks is not easy, you will have to work hard to market your books., you might even have to spend money on on-site ads (amazon ads) or off-site ads (facebook ads for example).

eBooks are one of the most profitable ways to make money online. However, not many people are able to sell ebooks, even if they manage to sell ebooks they don’t sell enough ebooks to make a decent amount. Here is an effective way to sell ebooks on Amazon.

Publish the ebook and sell it for free. The idea is to get as many people as you can to download your ebook. You can then get emails from the people who downloaded your books.

When you publish the second book, you can market your ebooks to these people. When you offer it for free, you also get a lot of reviews, which will help you to sell your second book.

The Sure Shot Method to Sell Products Through Amazon Merch

There are multiple methods to make money on Amazon and Amazon Merch is one of the best

ways to make money not just on Amazon but on the entire internet.

You need a couple of things to start, however, money is not one of them as Amazon Merch is free to start.

You either need graphic designing skills or have some money to buy graphics.

You need Facebook or Instagram page with a lot of followers.

You have these two things, you can upload your designs and start selling your designs in different kinds of products, such as T-shirts, mugs, caps, etc. Once you publish the product on Amazon, you can share the links on Facebook and Instagram to drive sales.

Generating Sales Through FBA

There are numerous ways to sell on Amazon and one of them is called Fulfilled By Amazon or FBA short. The FBA program is not available worldwide, it is available only in the countries where there are Amazon regional offices with warehouses. The FBA program allows you to sell your product under the Amazon brand. In order to use this program, you will first have to be approved by Amazon, once approved, you will have to send your products to the Amazon warehouse and then you can start listing your product on Amazon. When someone buys your product, Amazon will fulfill the order (package your product and ship it to the buyer), that's why it is called Fulfilled By Amazon. Since the products are fulfilled by Amazon you do not have to worry about shipping your products, Amazon will handle everything on your behalf. You will have to pay for warehouse charges, though.

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