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How to Generate Sales For Your Online Business

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In order to start a business, you need a product that solves problems or products that add value. Not all products that businesses are selling might solve customers’ problems, some products try to add value to the existing products, in terms of better quality, cheaper price, and durability. If you want to become successful, you need products and services that add value. 

You might sell someone's products but you need your own unique products to generate tons of sales. You need to spend money to develop and market your product.

The Easiest Way to Start an Online Business

Not having money for investment and not having business skills should not restrict you from starting an online business.

Go to Aliexpress and join the marketplace, find a product that you would like to sell. Copy the product image and the product description.

Now, on your Facebook app or website, go to Facebook Marketplace. Create a listing of the product you found on Aliexpress. Use the same product image and description. While pricing the product, add your commission (20 percent will be fine), and launch your listing.

When someone orders your product and pays money, you go to Aliexpress and buy the same product, using your buyer shipping address.

In this whole process, you don’t have to spend money as you will be ordering the product from Aliexpress only when your buyer buys from you on Facebook Marketplace. You don’t even have to package and ship products, as the seller on Aliexpress will do it for you.

I recommended Aliexpress because it is a cheaper platform to find good products.

Online Business: Selling Products Vs Selling Services

You can make money by selling products as well as services, however, you need the traffic to your store to sell your products or services and make money. If you don't have traffic, no matter what kind of products or services you are selling (high quality, low price, etc.), you can not generate revenue. However, if you have traffic, you might want to know whether you can make more money by selling products or by selling services. In order to sell products, you need to spend money to manufacture the product, even when you are not manufacturing the products, you need to spend money to acquire products from the distributors or suppliers. Let's say you spent $10 on a product and sell it for $15, you will earn $5 from the product. However, if you have skills you can build a service on your own and you do not have to spend money to build this service. If you sell the service for $15, the entire $15 is yours. Let's say you spent $100 on creating the service, and you are selling it for $15. Once the service is created, you do not have to create it again and again, yet you can sell it again and again.

Selling Techniques That Work

Someone selling some products and making a lot of money does not mean you will also be able to make a lot of money. First of all, you need to check whether you can actually create/manufacture these products or not. Soaps and candles are high-selling products but I don’t have the skills, therefore, I can’t sell these items.  I am good at graphic designing, therefore, I can make social media templates, digital designs, and workbooks and make money selling these digital products. For someone who does not have the skills to create these products, they cannot make money by selling these products. When you want to sell online, you need to first consider whether you are interested in the niche or not and whether you have the skills and knowledge to create these products or not. You can go ahead only when you have an affirmative answer.

If you are already selling T-shirts, do you realize you can use the same design on coffee mugs, you do not have to create a different design? Therefore, for sellers who are already selling T-shirts, selling coffee mugs is a wise idea. The coffee mug is one of the highest-selling products on various print-on-demand marketplaces. I have sold a few coffee mugs. Interestingly, I have tried to sell coffee mugs along with T-shirts by suggesting to the buyers that a coffee mug with this T-shirt is a great combo offer.  Selling is all about how you are marketing. If you offer personalized coffee mugs, you have better chances of selling your items. Personalized coffee means giving flexibility to the buyers to add their personal messages son coffee mugs, for example, giving a buyer to add a message “with love from Sandra” can be a great way to sell your item. If you can use a scalable design, it is very possible.

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