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I have been using bitcoins since 2016 but have never thought about investing or trading until 2020. For a long time, I was using bitcoin mainly to receive payments from various sites and clients and use the bitcoins to pay for products or services and also withdraw as fiat money. However, in the last one year, I am gearing up to make some investments in cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrencies I am choosing to invest in are bitcoin, bitcoin cash, litecoin, Cardano, Polygon Matic, and Ethereum. I am not using my bank money to buy these cryptocurrencies, instead, I am holding the cryptocurrencies I receive as payment from clients.

My Experience With Investing in Cryptocurrency

When I received Bitcoin for the first time, it was $400. I received $100 worth of Bitcoin in 2016. Between 2016 and 2018, I received numerous payments in the form of Bitcoin. I used to convert my Bitcoin into fiat currency and use for my bills and other expenses. In 2017, if I had not spent my Bitcoin, I would have almost $900 with of Bitcoin (when the value of Bitcoin was $900). When I converted my bitcoins to fiat currency, I did not always use to pay bills, I also invested on shares. In 2018, I bought $500 worth of shares. The current value of those shares is just about $2000, however, if I had not converted my bitcoin to fiat currency and if had held at least $500 worth (0.5 BTC) on my coinbase account, my bitcoin would be $22K by now (based on the current bitcoin price).

It was probably 2017, when I heard about Ethereum. Back then the price of 1 ETH was $12. I was earning well back then and had some spare money. I was looking forward t invest in something that would give me good profits. I could have easily bought 20 ETH if I had wanted. Sadly, I was not very serious on Ethereum, therefore, I invested money on share market. If I had bought 20 ETH, I would have $70,000 now (based on current value). However, my $240 worth of shares has not even become $1000.

Earn Bitcoin From Ad2Bitcoin

Ad2Bitcoin is an advertising network (for publishers and advertisers) and a faucet site. Even if you do not have a site to run ads from Ad2Bitcoin, you can still earn bitcoins from this site.

How to earn bitcoin

After creating an account on the site, you will be provided banner ads. You can add these banner ads on your site and earn from CPM and CPC. The rate is really low, though

Don’t have a site? Don’t worry, you can still earn from this site. After joining the site, download and install rotating banner tool on your computer. When you run this tool, a banner will be displayed on your computer. You will earn just for displaying this banner on your computer.

You can claim faucet every 24 hours

Benefits of Ad2Bitcoin

When you claim faucets or display banners on your site or on your computer, you will also earn advertising credits, which you can use to advertise your site.

Earning Crypto Currencies From Faucet Pay

Faucet Pay ( is a micropayment wallet that is used by Faucets and PTC sites to pay a small amount to its users. When you use large wallets like Coinbase or Binance for micropayments (less than $1 worth of bitcoin, for example), your entire funds might be burned as transaction fees, that’s where micro wallets come handy.

I have started using Faucet Pay recently and I really like this micropayment wallet. If you are doubtful about this wallet, here are some points to consider.

Earn from PTC ads

Earn from offer wall and surveys

Earn from staking

Multiply your bitcoins by playing games like dice, roulette, etc.

Swap coin into various currencies like bitcoin, litecoin, bitcoin cash, doge, BNB, Ethereum, ZCash, Tron, Dash, etc.

Earn reward points for daily login and convert those points to satoshi.

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