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How to Build Subscribers and Views on Youtube

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How to Monetize Your Youtube Channel Super Fast

You can go for youtube monetization only when you have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time on your videos. Once you reach the monetization threshold and submit your channel for approval, youtube will analyze your videos and account, if you have used illegal tactics such as bots to manipulate views and subscribers, you will never be able to monetize your channel.

Growing a youtube channel is incredibly difficult. You might be a video content creator, and have skills with digital marketing and SEO yet, you might still find it very difficult to reach the monetization threshold. Here are a few tips that might help you if you want to get monetized.

Build a community of viewers who are actually interested in the content you create. Do you want 100 subscribers who do not check your videos or 10 subscribers who visit your videos regularly?

Make some tweaks so that youtube suggests your videos to the people who are looking for the kind of content you are creating (getting the top rank on youtube search, appearing on the suggested video list, etc.). More than 75 percent of youtube traffic is from suggested videos, therefore, you need to make sure that your videos appear there.

Get more returning viewers on your videos than the number of subscribers you have. When you have returning visitors, you will be able to build a community of fans.

Understanding YouTube Traffic

The key to earning from youtube is to build traffic. Before you start building traffic on your channel you should understand what type of traffic you are getting, and where your traffic is coming from.

You have basically two types of traffic: internal traffic and external traffic.

External traffic is traffic coming from other sources such as Google search, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, websites, etc.

Internal traffic is the traffic that originates within youtube.

Understanding Internal traffic

Browse feature: When people visit the videos from the home page, the traffic is coming from the browse feature

Youtube Search: Traffic you get when people searching on youtube click on the search result

Suggested Videos: Traffic you get when people click videos from the suggested video list

Notifications: When your subscribers click on the video from the notification.

Channel pages: When your subscribers or visitors click on your videos from your channel page

Even though having more subscribers help you, you should try to build traffic from suggested videos because a large percentage of youtube internal traffic is from the suggested video feature.

Content Plan For YouTube Videos to Make More Money

If you are using Youtube to make money online, you might have noticed how hard it is to build traffic. Do you know why you are not getting a lot of traffic?

There might be a lot of reasons and one of them might be related to your video content. If you don’t have good content, you will not get good traffic. The key to building good content is to plan your content.

Here’s are some ideas

News and information videos: This type of content will get search traffic and traffic from suggested videos. News and information videos are good for building initial videos and audiences.

Tutorials and education: This type of content will help you get search traffic (including Google search). Try to use evergreen search terms.

Content people can relate to: This type of content will bring traffic from the browse feature. This type of content will target the frustrations, interests, goals, dreams, and desires of people.

How to Build 10K Youtube Subscribers in 100 Days

Before you start you need to know a couple of things about making videos for youtube

Your videos must be visually satisfying.

Your videos must be short to medium, between 1-5 minutes.

Your videos must offer a fresh perspective (original content)

In order to build subscribers, you need to use the following strategies:

Publish videos regularly. For instance, you can publish videos every day, every alternate day, every three days, etc. Consistency is the key to building subscribers.

Do SEO for internal and external ranking. Check the most successful videos on your niche and copy their strategies (the kind of title they use, the kind of tags they use, etc.) This will help your videos get listed in suggested videos.

Run ads. When you run ads for your videos, you will not only gain videos but also subscribers.

Publish videos for youtube shorts. Youtube shorts will help you gain a lot of subscribers in a short time.

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Written by   179
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It's difficult to build a the minimum thershold of YouTube before you'll get monitized. I've tried several ways in making good content and it wasn't effective no subscribers and views on my videos created. Months later I've got 1k subscribers maybe my viewrs appreciate it, but two months later I couldn't have been monitized because of hours, it's difficult to reach 4k hours.

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5 months ago