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How to Build Online Business Easily

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5 Online Businesses That Can Be Started With No Money

Do you have a dream to become a business owner but have no funds to get started? Well, here are 5 businesses that you can be started absolutely free. The good thing is you can still make money from these businesses.

Print-On-Demand: This is a zero-cost business. You can create products for free, you can sell them for free, and you don’t even have to run ads, you pay only after the product is sold.

Dropshipping: You don’t need to spend money on products to sell, however, you need a store to sell. If you use third-party marketplaces like ebay, Facebook marketplaces, you can start selling for free.

Affiliate marketing: You can use Mailchimp or also use social sites to promote affiliate products. You can create a free website with WordPress, Blogger, or Wix and sell affiliate products. All of these methods are absolutely free.

Dropservicing: While dropshipping is selling products without manufacturing or acquiring products, dropservicing is selling services without you having to offer your services. You resell services.

Easy Ways to Build Online Business

A website is a collection of web pages (pages on the internet). The website can be of different types, for example, a bog, a forum, a company website, an online magazine, an online store, an eCommerce platform, etc. If you want to build a website and use your website for making money, you can do it in many ways. Start a blog. A small investment, serious dedication, and a good return that’s what blogging is all about. A blog is a website with articles, you can run ads, sell affiliate products, sell services, or sell your own digital or physical products on your blog and make money. You can also start a forum to earn money, the earning strategies you applied on the blog will also work on the forum, You can see the owner of this forum is earning money from advertising. You can create an online store, an online store is a website primarily dedicated to selling physical or digital items. This website makes money from product sales. You can also create an eCommerce website, a website where you do activities like providing services, selling services, etc. In order to earn from your website, you need a lot of traffic from search engines.

How to Build Online eCommerce Website

If you want to build an eCommerce site, here's a simple guide.

Go to Shopify and buy one of their plans. You will get a website where you can start listing products. Shopify cost at least $29 per month.

A cheaper alternative is wix, which costs about $14 per month. When you use Shopify and wix, you do not have to bother with domain and hosting, your subscription fees will include those charges.

If you do not have that kind of money, you can buy a domain, hosting, and install WordPress and woocommerce.

How to Start Stage 2 Dropshipping Business?

Dropshipping means you sell products from your store but the order will be directly fulfilled by your supplier or manufacturer. You do not have to spend any money to stock the products and build your inventory. You don’t even have to pay upfront, you can pay the supplier only after you collect payment from the buyer. The difference between the price you pay to the supplier and the price you charge to the buyer is your profit.

In Stage 2 Dropshipping, you find a supplier that sells for cheap. You buy products in bulk and directly ship the products to your eCommerce marketplace’s warehouse. You then create the product listing on the eCommerce marketplace. When your product is purchased, the eCommerce marketplace will fulfill the order. For example, you buy from Aliexpress and ship the product to Printful’s warehouse. When your product is purchased, Printful will fulfill your order. FBA or Fulfilled By Amazon is another program worth trying for Stage 2 dropshipping.

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Online business is a very fun business for everyone, but most of us are confused to start, because we can't use social media like people in general.

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