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How to Create a Blog on a Low Cost

You can create a blog for free but when you are running a free blog you will have difficulty in getting ranked on search engines, building traffic, monetizing the blog, and generating revenue.

Creating a self-hosted blog cost money, you need money for the domain and hosting. However, there are ways to launch a blog for a low cost.

Register a domain (it cost less than $8 for a dot com) and create a blogger account, and then map your domain with your blogger account. By doing this you will be using blogger’s hosting platform to launch a blog with a custom domain.

There are also hosting companies that offer free domain of you buy their hosting plan. For instance, by paying around $35 for shared hosting plan for iPage, you get a domain for free.

If you still cannot buy a domain, your dream of creating a website does not end. You can use free domain and free hosting.

How to Build Content on Your Blog

A blog is basically a content site. In order build traffic from social media or even search engines, your blog needs to have a lot of content, your blog needs to be updated with fresh content regularly. If you are already a blogger, you will understand how difficult it is to build content on your blog. However, there are a couple of methods that can help you build content.

Guest posting: You can open your blog for guest posting. A lot of people are willing to write for free provided they are allowed to share their website link. You can even find a lot of people willing to write for free just for exposure.

Muli-author blog: This is another easy way to build content. You can open your blog for multi-author blogging. In case you don’t find good writers willing to write on your blog, you can even pay some cash for your writers, or offer to share revenue for regular writers.

The Easiest Way to Make Money From a Blog

Even though a lot of people will tell you that you can make money through blogging, you will discover that it is one of the most difficult methods to make money when you start blogging. However, there is comparatively easier method to make money from your blog.

Create a multi-author blog

Multi-author blog is a blogging site where there are many contributors as opposed to a single author. There are numerous benefits of having a lot of authors on your blog

You site will be updated regularly with fresh content

Your authors will bring their own readers from social sites

You will also get more traffic from search engines because of fresh content and a lot of content

The authors will read fellow writers articles, thus creating a lot of internal traffic.

The authors will comment on fellow writers articles,, thus creating a lot of engagement.

Traffic is the blood and bone of a blog and when you a lot of writers on your blog, generating traffic will become much easier.

Tips on Revenue Generation on Your Blog

You can monetize your blog through network ads, affiliate ads, product sell, ad space sell, etc. However, these methods will bring you revenue only when you have traffic.

In order to build traffic, you need to improve your search engine ranking by implementing strategies like adding high traffic but less competitive keywords on your title, subtitle, content body, description, tags etc. You will also have to share your website and post links on other websites that are ranked higher than yours.

Build followers on social media and start posting your links on social media. There are two major benefits, one, you get traffic, and two, you get social signals. Social signals work just like backlink.

The more traffic you have on your blog, the better is your revenue. However, you need to remember your traffic should come from reputed sources, otherwise, there will be no conversion. No traffic conversion means, no revenue. Traffic conversion means visitors are engaging with the ads on your blog.

Common Mistakes to Avoid if You Are Blogging

Some common mistakes committed by new bloggers are:

Poor interface

Poor user experience

Slow loading website, etc.

Interface is the overall look of the website. You need to improve aesthetic value of your website to improve interface. Use colors and themes that give better look to your website. Use plugins and add-ons to improve your website look.

Visitors will have poor experience on your site when they cannot find pages and posts easily because you do not have easy navigation menu on your site. You need easy to navigate menu. Your menu should show important pages on your websites such as Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Contact, and About Us. Your posts should be categorized according to topics and should be easily found via menu.

You can use images and graphics to make your post look appealing, however, you also need avoid using too many images, embedded videos, flashy banners, etc. Too many media will increase your page size and thus decrease your page loading speed.

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